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Monday, October 27, 2014

Parfumerie L. Plassard

Parfumerie L. Plassard of Paris France, established in 1815 as Demarson, later Demarson et Cie, plus other variations of the name; at 17 rue de Quatre-Septembre, Paris; a perfume and cosmetic house of note; acquired by Louis Plassard in 1894, renamed the company accordingly.

The company exhibited regularly in 1819, 1839, 1844, 1849, 1855, 1867, and 1878, under the various names over the years. Their most impressive presentations were before 1930, after 1930, their quality lessened. Some of their finest perfumes were housed in Baccarat crystal flacons.

French section of the Franco-British Exhibition in London 1908. Photograph from the house Bulletin Roure Bertrand sound. Grasse: impr. E. Imbert, 1908.

The perfumes of Plassard:
  • 1900 Ardent 
  • 1900 Memoires de Paris  
  • 1900 Kicdolis
  • 1900 Amour Ardent
  • 1900 Œillet Nain
  • 1901 Muguet d'Yvelines
  • 1905 My Love
  • 1905 Violette de Fevrier
  • 1905 Bruyere des Cevennes
  • 1908 Suzelia (soap)
  • 1908 Les Roses de l'Hay
  • 1910 Violette Blanche
  • 1910 Jasmin (from Rain of Flowers Online)
  • 1910 Cœur Volant
  • 1910 Fleurs Joyeuses
  • 1910 Rêve de Valse
  • 1911 Une Femme Passa
  • 1911 Enomis
  • 1911 Les Elfes
  • 1912 Chypre
  • 1925 Djola
  • 1927 De Fleur en Fleur
  • 1928 Dyne 
  • 1939 A Travers Bois
  • 1940 Oeillet Noir
  • 1945 Ambre
  • 1945 Bouquet de Paris
  • 1945 Matsi
  • 1945 Bagatelle
  • 1945 Avrilleé
  • 1945 Conclusion
  • 1945 Cuir
  • 1945 Muguet
  • 1945 Tabac
  • 1945 Reverie

Perfumery and Essential Oil Record, Volume 4, 1913
"PL Plassard, we specializing cologne, est worthy of mention as being white about to celebrate centenary ict."

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