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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Reader Questions

For some reason, the contact form responses used on my blog were not being delivered to my email and were unknowingly dumped into my Google Documents. Unfortunately, many people did not include their email addresses so I have no way of contacting them. So I am taking this opportunity to respond to the several questions my readers have asked in the hopes that if they are still searching for answers to their inquiries, they will see this info.

Q. "I found a large Lucien Lelong display rack and I was wondering if you had any info on it. It's lucite, mirror, and gesso over wood and it's massive. Probably 4 feet wide. It lights up too! I don't see anyway to attach photos, but I do have them. I'll be restoring it this next week."

A. Although I cannot see any photos, I believe this item dates from the 1940s-1960s.

Q. "While my Nanny was ill I helped to care for her. After wash-ups I took to dabbing an oil that she always wore when I was a little girl; Tuberose Bath Oil. She passed a few weeks ago and my aunt gave me the bottle that contains a small amount in it. I was able to discern from the bottle that it was distributed by Chess Ltd. Do you know where I could get more from or even just the scent of the Tuberose?  I would be ever so grateful. I feel as though she is with me when I wear the scent she wore when I was a child."

A. While Mary Chess is no longer in business, you can find very nice tuberose perfumes and perfume oils online. Occasional bottles of Mary Chess' Tuberose pop up on ebay and etsy from time to time. However, if you cannot find these, and want a very nice heady tuberose perfume, try Fracas by Robert Piguet, it is one of my favorites.

Q. "I would like to get hold of Green Velvet by Helena Rubinstein circa 1950's."

A. Unfortunately this perfume has been discontinued for many years, however, you may find these on etsy and ebay from time to time.

Q. "Hello my name is Aundrea and I have a Jonchee De Pois de Senteur Volnay Paris that I would like to sell. I have found some information on the bottle already, but would like to see what you come up with. I also do the Ebay thing most of what I sell is Hanna Andersson clothes so this is out of my comfort zone. I have had the bottle listed for sometime now but with the amount I am asking and the information I have on it I feel that I fall short on providing enough or the right information to get it sold. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks so much for your time."

A. Hi Aundrea, this is a rarity, for appraisal info, please view the page 'What Is My Perfume Bottle Worth' at the top of the blog for info.

Q. "I have an old bottle of Fidji talcum powder by Guy Laroche. It is a cylinder shape and is white with brown writing on. Do you know when it may have been on sale? What year it was produced as I know they no longer make it? Many Thanks, Anna"

A. Hi Anna, your talcum powder was produced during the late 1970s-early 1980s. Read more aout Fidji here.

Q. "Hi Grace, I recently came across a boxed set of Balmain. It is called Le Monde Elegant and has 3 bottles inside. 1 each - Miss Balmain, Jolie Madame, Vent Vert. The box was sealed in the original cellophane which I slid off to see the contents inside. Of course when I tried to slide the cellophane back on, it ripped (but I kept it). Inside the bottles are about 7/8 full but I know they have never been used. Just loss from age and evaporation. My question would be if you know anything about this set or when it may have come out? I have researched it on the internet and have not seen another or even been able to read about a gift set like this. I would be glad to send you pictures...... I was going to sell it, but I would like to be better informed if possible! Thanks in advance for any help! Nancy."

A. Hi Nancy, your set probably dates to the 1970s.

Q. "Do you have heliotrope by Mary Chess?"

A. Hi, I am sorry but at this time I do not have any Mary Chess perfumes in stock. You may wish to check ebay and etsy.com.

Q. "Do you have the strawberry musk oil by R.H. cosmetics?"

A. Unfortunately products manufactured by RH Cosmetics are very scarce. I personally have never seen the Strawberry Musk perfume oil. Try ebay or etsy.

Q. "I have a small cardboard tube containing one glass ampule of perfume. The label is green with black print and is marked "Judy n' Jill Junior Miss perfume rebottled by Nips, Inc. NY, NY.   Can you tell me anything about it?  It was found among my late mother's keepsakes.  Thank you."

A. Judy n' Jill was a clothing company that catered to young women and children. They brought out their namesake perfume in the 1940s. Nips, Inc. was a company that decanted popular name brand perfumes into their own bottles and sold them in small purse size bottles and tiny glass or plastene ampules (tester vials sealed at both ends). The perfume was touted as the "Perfume for the Junior Miss. Judy n' Jill perfume is created entirely for the junior miss. Tots thru teens will love the fresh new scent."

Q. "Have a scent with the name P.R. Dreyer on the label with a design but nothing else.  Curious, can find no info. Thanks,  Rosemary"

A. Established by Peter R Dreyer in 19th Street New York in 1932; essential oils and limited commercial perfumes. PR Dreyer was involved in the essential oil and related chemicals importation business for over twenty years before he started his own perfumery company.

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