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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Oriza L. Legrand

Oriza L. Legrand of 11 place de la Madeleine, Paris.

c1920 ad

Established in 1811 by L. Legrand after purchasing formulas from descendants of Fargeon, the perfumer to the then 10 year old Louis XV. The business was purchased in 1860 by Antonin Raynaud and subsequently succeeded by his widow. The business was later purchased by Armand Schul around 1910 and was later known as Societe Centrale de la Parfumerie Francaise.In the 19th century, Legrand was the court perfumers to Napoleon III, and the British, Russian and Italian royalty.

The company had two major innovations during the 19th century, with the 1879 introduction Parfumerie Oriza and the patent in 1887 for solid perfumes. This first commercial solid perfume was named "Essence Oriza Solidifiee". The Parfumerie Oriza was Legrand's first perfume line and icluded related cosmetics and toiletries under one name with coordinated graphics. This line was so successful that the company became known as Oriza-Legrand. L. Legrand was a successful company and won the gold medal in the 1889 Exhibition and the Grand Prix in the 1900 Exhibition.

The company produced luxury perfumes. Perhaps the most notable was for Fin Comme l'Ambre in 1913, with a Baccarat bottle made up of clear & frosted crystal with molded heads of lions. Other Baccarat flacons were made for Fleuri, and Kadidja.

Enameled flacon by Baccarat (unsigned) circa 1915,by 1920, it held various scents such as Chypre Mousse, Cyclamen, Jasmin d'Asie, Lilas rose, Muguet Fleuri, Oeillet de la Reine, Rose du Roi and Violette Fleur.

In 1930 the company acquired Rosine Parfums.

The perfumes of Oriza L. Legrand:
  • 1820 Eau de Cologne
  • 1862 Aux Violettes du Czar
  • 1879 Essence Oriza
  • 1886 Concretes des Essences Oriza
  • 1886 Foin Fraîche Coupe
  • 1886 Heliotrope Blanc
  • 1886 Jockey Club Bouquet
  • 1886 Lilas de Mai
  • 1886 Opoponax
  • 1887 Oriza Lys
  • 1887 Essence Oriza Solidifiee
  • 1890 Orizine
  • 1893 Datura Indien
  • 1896 Violettes du Czar pour le mouchoir (reissued)
  • 1898 Funkia du Japon
  • 1899 Caroline Bouquet
  • 1899 Imperatrice Bouquet
  • 1899 Jasmin d’Espagne
  • 1899 Mignardise Bouquet
  • 1899 New Mown Hay
  • 1899 Oriza Derby Bouquet
  • 1900 Actana
  • 1900 Duchess
  • 1900 Gardenia Flore
  • 1900 Idole
  • 1900 Inspiration
  • 1900 Parfums Noveaux au Royal-Œillet
  • 1900 Relique d'Amour
  • 1900 Doubles Violettes du Czar
  • 1900 Doubles Violettes du Czech
  • 1900 Age D'Or
  • 1900 Rêve d’Ossian
  • 1900 Violette Comme it Faut
  • 1900 Violettes Prince Albert
  • 1900 Royal Legrand Eau de Toilette
  • 1900 Apotheose
  • 1902 Soleil de Minuit
  • 1903 Aimez Moi
  • 1903 Violettes Rosees
  • 1907 Parma Violet
  • 1907 Parfum de l'Aigle Russe
  • 1909 Œillet Louis XV
  • 1911 Poema
  • 1912 Armide
  • 1913 Fin Comme l'Ambre
  • 1913 Zelmis
  • 1914 Chypre Mousse
  • 1914 L'Yperlée
  • 1914 Parfum des Jardins d'Armide
  • 1914 Jasmin d'Aise
  • 1915 Fleuri
  • 1918 Armistice
  • 1920 L'Ambre
  • 1920 Chypre
  • 1920 Floralis
  • 1920 Violette Fleur
  • 1920 Rose du Roi
  • 1920 Oeillet de la Reine
  • 1920 Secret Joly
  • 1920 Muguet Fleuri
  • 1920 Kadidja
  • 1920 L'Horizon
  • 1920 Ouarda
  • 1920 Hermione
  • 1922 Deja le Printemps
  • 1923 Le Bon Ton
  • 1923 Rose
  • 1925 Cyclamen
  • 1925 Eventail
  • 1925 Gardenia
  • 1925 Venise
  • 1926 Lilas Rose
  • 1926 Breath of Spring
  • 1928 Marions-Nous
  • 1929 Camelia du Nile
  • 1932 Soleil de Minuit (relaunch)
  • Balkis
  • Bouquet de Breaulieu
  • Mimosa Dore
  • Parfum Anniversaire
  • Stilliflore

Do not confuse perfumes of Oriza L. Legrand with those of Hector Legrand, these companies are not related in any way. This company was established in 1856 at 118 rue Henry-Litolff, Bois Colombes (Seine). The proprietor in the early 20th century was J. Caron and produced small luxury perfumes, cosmetics and toiletries. Best known for the 1920 presentation of Eglantine de la Reine with the tiara bottle manufactured by Lalique.

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