Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lorenzy Palanca

Lorenzy Palanca. This company was established during the 19th century by Jules Lorenzy at 61 boulevard des dames, Marseilles, France.

Although the business primarily sold soaps, around the turn of the century, they also sold perfumes, razors, toiletries and cosmetics with beautiful paper graphics and stunning label designs. The business was successful enough to open major branches in Algiers, Oran, Nice and Toulon, but went bankrupt in 1930.

The name Lorenzy-Palanca was subsequently used by a new company, Societe Anonyme Andre Lorenzy.

I have listed all the various perfume/soap names I could find from this company, and I know there are more out there, if I missed one, please let me know. These are few and far between. Though it is possible to find old soap labels on the internet, and repros. Remember, when finding labels, the scent names for soaps are always preceded with Savon, the French word for soap.

The perfumes and soaps of Lorenzy Palanca:

  • 1900 Al'Origan
  • 1900 Parfum Nouveau
  • 1900 Nuit d'Arlequin Parfum
  • 1900 Orisia Eau de Cologne
  • 1900 Lotion Vegetale aux Fleurs
  • 1900 Reine Marphis
  • 1900 Au Lilas
  • 1900 Violette Extrait
  • 1900 Franfreluches
  • 1900 Eau de Cologne
  • 1900 Rose Verite
  • 1900 Scintillante
  • 1900 Souani
  • 1905 Cri du Coeur
  • 1910 Aux Fleurs
  • 1910 Aux Fleurs-Exrait Concentree
  • 1920 Arzila
  • 1920s Nymphea
  • 1920s Soyons Discrets
  • 1929 Frimousse d'Or
  • 1930 Un Reve
  • Abance
  • Baiser d'Aurore

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