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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Les Parfums de Marcy

Les Parfums de Marcy. Established around 1910 possibly by Lazare Bloch at a small factory at Les Lilas. After becoming more successful a shop was opened at 120 avenue des Champs-Elysees in Paris. After the Second World War, the company was then affiliated with Societe Anonyme des Parfums Sidlay, with Paul Heymann as proprietor and true innovator.

Many high quality presentations were created such as Les Fleurs Miraculeuses, Le Bouquet Miraculeux, Le Bracelet Miraculeux, and Le Collier Miraculeux.

L'Heure est Venue perfume presentation consisted of a cobalt blue octagonal clock bottle decorated with white enamel painted numbers.

Fashions of the Hour, 1925:
"Twelve o'clock and all's well with Marcy's new perfume that comes in a blue bottle made like a clock with the with the hands always pointing at high noon. This perfume in a delicious bouquet odor is made especially for Marshall Field and Company, $3.50."

Le Collier Miraculeux was presented in a simulated necklace of 13 graduated pearlised bottles, eleven of were perfume bottles. Le Bracelet Miraculeux was a five simulated gemstone bracelet presentation with large red, black and blue stone shaped bottles in between clear rhinestone stations.

The L'Orange Variee perfume presentation, was a peeled orange made up of painted composition which held 8 glass bottles in the shape of realistic orange segments, each with its own label, each bottle was held in place by having the neck inserted into a metal frame concealed inside the simulated orange peel. The scents included were: Chypre, Amber, Heliotrope, Rose, Jessamine, Mayflower, Violet.

Champagne novelty perfume presentation from 1922, consisting of four identical clear blown glass flacons, each shaped like a champagne bottle, with cork stopper, with their two paper labels. Bottles presented in a box, covered with paper, simulating wicker basketwork, with two handles of cord, and a label in front reading "Les Parfums de Marcy Les Lilas - Paris", noting location of factory in Les Lilas, France and headquarters in Paris. Another label reads: "Modele Depose (Tribunal de Commerce No. 4174).  The box measures 7 x 8 cms.

A 1922 advertisement introduces the Champagne perfume bottle set: “Packed in a little wicker basket with handles are six bottles so small that one can with safety call them teeny . Even the corks pop authentically to carry out this fragrant jest of Marcy the parfumer of Paris for instead of champagne each bottle contains Perfume: Jasmine, Mimosa, Chypre, Violette, Ambre, Rose, Muguet or Heliotrope”

A 1926 advertisement in a newspaper reads: “LES PARFUMS DE MARCY these delicate French odors whose novelty packages are perhaps just as…Some oranges others champagne bottles and corks…”

The perfumes of de Marcy:
  • 1919 L'Heure est Venue (pocket watch perfume presentation)
  • 1920 Nœdia
  • 1922 Le Panier a Champagne (Champagne basket perfume presentation)
  • 1922 Chypre
  • 1922 Origan
  • 1922 Jasmin
  • 1922 Heliotrope
  • 1922 Ambre
  • 1922 Mimosa
  • 1922 Violette
  • 1922 Muguet
  • 1922 Lilas
  • 1922 Rose
  • 1925 Nested Perfumes (bird nest and eggs perfume presentation)
  • 1925 Le Bouquet du Caméo
  • 1925 L'Orange Variee (perfume presentation)
  • 1925 Noëlys
  • 1927 Le Bouquet Miraculeux (perfume presentation)
  • 1927 Le Collier Miraculeux (pearl necklace perfume presentation)
  • 1928 Les Fleurs Miraceleuses (perfume presentation)
  • 1928 Le Bracelet Miraculeux (perfume presentation)

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