Saturday, April 4, 2015

Madeleine de Rauch

Madeleine de Rauch was a couturier who specialized in designing women's sports clothes. She had established a design house with her sister at 37 rue Jean-Goujou, Paris in 1928. Both were known to be excellent golfers and she named her first perfume Pitch, after a term used in golfing.

The business closed in 1974, but the perfume division was taken over by Pierre Fabre, Inc and perfumes such as Miss de Rauch and Royal de Rauch was still sold in 1983.

 I did find a reference to Belle de Rauch being sold in 1990 by De Rauch Perfumes. In 1998, three of the original de Rauch fragrances were reformulated and relaunched: Miss de Rauch, Belle de Rauch and Monsieur de Rauch (which was rechristened Man de Rauch).

The fragrances of Madeleine de Rauch:
  • 1947 Pitch
  • 1950 Monsieur de Rauch
  • 1960 Miss de Rauch (reformulated in 1968)
  • 1966 Belle de Rauch
  • 1967 Vacarmé  
  • 1970 Madame de Raunch
  • 1973 Royal de Rauch
  • 1974 Eau Fraîche 
  • 1998 Man de Rauch (this is Monsieur de Rauch, reformulated and relaunched)
  • 1998 Belle de Rauch (reformulated and relaunched)
  • 1998 Miss de Rauch (reformulated and relaunched)

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