Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mary Grayo

Mary Grayo was a furrier out of Monte Carlo; in addition to furs, she also sold her own brand of perfumes for furs during the 1940's. Mary Grayo's perfumes were designed to be worn when wearing a fur coat, to help prevent the natural gamey scent of fur coats from being obvious. Many of the perfumes that were produced were formulated to be worn with specific types of fur, such as Renard Argente (silver fox), Renard Bleu (blue fox), Breitschwanz (Persian lamb), Castor (beaver), Panthére (panther), Ragondin (nutria), and Vison (mink).


L'Officiel de la Mode, 1939:
"For fur, it is important to create a quality of scent which neither burns nor discolors the pile. Mary Grayo has quite particularly endeav- oured to do this and, after thorough and delicate research, special scents for fur hâve been given birth. The multiplicity of experiments conducted by mary grayo have enabled her to adapt a particular scent to each fur, which gives the most perfect of results : clinging, subtlety, distinction.The delicate point was to avoid harmful reactions between the chemical products employed for tanning the pelts and the extracts composing the scents. With extraordinary subtlety, mary grayo has made light of the difficulty, and to her we now owe an innovation which every smart woman has been waiting for."

The perfumes of Mary Grayo:
  • 1939 Renard Argente
  • 1939 Renard Bleu
  • 1939 Breitschwanz (box designed as a fur coat wrapped around the bottle)
  • 1939 Castor
  • 1939 Panthére
  • 1939 Vison
  • 1939 Ragondin

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