Please understand that this website is not affiliated with any of the perfume companies written about here in any way, it is only a reference page and repository of information for collectors and those who have enjoyed the classic fragrances of days gone by.

One of the goals of this website is to show the present owners of the various perfumes and cologne brands that are featured here how much we miss the discontinued classics and hopefully, if they see that there is enough interest and demand, they will bring back these fragrances!

Please leave a comment below (for example: of why you liked the fragrance, describe the scent, time period or age you wore it, who gave it to you or what occasion, any specific memories, what it reminded you of, maybe a relative wore it, or you remembered seeing the bottle on their vanity table), who knows, perhaps someone from the company brand might see it.

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Some testimonials and comments:

"Thank you for your guides. They have been amazingly helpful as I sort thru my mother's home. You have created a wonderful resource for collectors and people who are not sure what they are inheriting. I have my mother's modest collection. This collection was accumulated in the 1920's thru 1980's..I would like to get more information on what I have and how to market anything of value.  One bottle is particularly interesting, almost full, unique shape, and no label.  Much of the perfume was acquired in the late 20's when my mother's family spent a year in Spain and France.  I am willing to send photos and descriptions to you for your opinion if any or all are marketable. My mother is the daughter of a spa used and grew up in Puerto Rico. Thank you for your consideration and any assistance you can give me." - Bill Patterson

"I am so happy that Mary Chess the most brilliant perfumer of ALL time is being kept alive by a few websites!! I bought  (two bottles) at least 20 years ago and because the perfume is SO FINE to this day it smells the exact same!! It is VERY powerful!!! Just a dab is enough. It is exquisite. No one will ever do perfume as Mary Chess did. If you are lucky enough to have a bottle.. I would love to have one of her Jasmine now... I also wonder what the perfume is like now as her name is being used on some bottles accessible today.. I met a distinguished woman in New York City and asked her what she was wearing.. She was almost hesitant to reveal. "Well it's Mary Chess of course" I nearly begged her to tell me how I could obtain a bottle. She relented and revealed that she worked for Mary Chess selling privately. This is when I got my first and only Mary Chess. Had I known I would have pursued further.. Really either you knew or did not know. I feel so lucky to have discovered Mary Chess. She would be appalled at the awful state of commercial designer perfumes today..all finessed and tweaked by International Flavors and Fragrance  -a very commercial concern.. The best you can do is try to layer perfume Caron's Bellagio  (carnation) is lovely layered with perhaps vanilla. It is very difficult. If you have the wrong perfume on, a man will subconsciously pull away and be repelled. Better to wear almost nothing or perhaps some light essential oil.. Mary Chess forever!!" 

"While my Nanny was ill I helped to care for her. After wash-ups I took to dabbing an oil that she always wore when I was a little girl; Tuberose Bath Oil. She passed a few weeks ago and my aunt gave me the bottle that contains a small amount in it. I was able to discern from the bottle that it was distributed by Chess Ltd. Do you know where I could get more from or even just the scent of the Tuberose?  I would be ever so grateful. I feel as though she is with me when I wear the scent she wore when I was a child."

"Firstly, thank you so much for your very inspiring site - you are amazing - please do not stop all of your good works - I have been reading your site for years now and I just love it!I am looking for a discontinued fragrance - JUDITH MULLER Musk Oil - are you able to track down a bottle and the fragrance notes?  Looking forward to your reply.  Kindest regards Jeannie"

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