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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fontanis & Madhva Perfumes


Fontanis of Paris and Neuilly France, established in 1919 by Daniel Jaquet 38 boulevard de le Saussaye, Neuilly-sur-Seine, also the founder of Madhva in 1923. The company manufactured perfumes and cosmetics. The short-lived business was sold to Volnay in 1927. The last two perfumes, Prelude and Blue Îles were in association with Volnay.

A famous poster for Fontanis perfumes was illustrated by Mauric Berty.

The perfume of Un Soir de Mai was affiliated to Lillian Savre, a perfumer from Alexandria, Egypt, active around 1920-1930.

Fontanis launched the line of Les Fleurs Romantiques in 1922.

The Spatula, 1922
"In presenting the motion picture " The Thief of Bagdad" the power of perfume was not neglected. Fleurs de Bagdad by Fontanis was chosen as the perfume most suited to the spirit of the production and this scent is allowed to permeate the theatre."  

Fontanis produced luxurious presentations and won a gold medal at the 1925 Paris Exposition. The Fontanis vignette was designed by Heymann and reproduced on labels and metal plaques. Another plaque was created by Roger Foy in 1919.

Rectangular bronze plaque with gold finish and hinged easel stand. Front of plaque decorated with three rectangular friezes, each showing two women dressed in robes. Bottom of plaque inscribed, "PARFVMS FONTANIS". (b) Cardboard box bottom. (c) Cardboard box top inscribed, "parfums fontanis".Manufactured by Rene Lalique. Gift of Elaine and Stanford Steppa. Photo from the Corning Museum of Glass.

Sketch, 1925:
"Women of taste appreciate the delicacy and charm of Quel Delice perfume. It creates a faint joyeuse aura that never cloys or grows stale. Quel Delice is by Fontanis of Paris, and can now be obtained of all leading English perfumers." 

Several of the perfume bottles used by Fontanis were manufactured by Baccarat, others were by Depinox and Cristalleries de Nancy. The bottle for Faune was manufactured by Rene Lalique. 

The fragrance Sous la Charmille was the re-branded fragrance Qui M'Aime by Chamy. Presented in a flacon by Cristalleries de Baccarat, design # 257.

 The fragrance for Chypre by Volnay was the re-branded fragrance Violette by Fontanis, the Volnay perfume was presented in a flacon by René Lalique et Cie.

In 1925, face powder was launched, called Poudre Fontanis.

The perfumes of Fontanis:
  • 1919 Sous la Charmille 
  • 1920 Lilas
  • 1920 Jasmin
  • 1920 Muguet
  • 1920 Oeillet
  • 1920 Chypre
  • 1920 Violette 
  • 1920 Mimosa
  • 1920 Ambre
  • 1920 Cyclamen 
  • 1920 Rose
  • 1920 Vivette 
  • 1921 Quel Délice 
  • 1921 Fleurs de Bagdad 
  • 1922 Daisette 
  • 1922 Les Fleurs Romantiques 
  • 1923 Amberia
  • 1923 C'est Paris 
  • 1923 Coraya
  • 1923 Gardenia 
  • 1923 Jadya
  • 1923 Les Désenchantées
  • 1923 Orchidee 
  • 1923 Parfum de Madame 
  • 1923 Pois de Senteur 
  • 1923 Rahna 
  • 1923 Tamya 
  • 1923 Un Soir de Mai 
  • 1924 Tawao 
  • 1924 Le Parisienne 
  • 1924 Ananya 
  • 1924 Damoya 
  • 1925 Ambrodor 
  • 1925 Chyprodor 
  • 1925 Daisette 
  • 1925 Gloriosa 
  • 1925 Faune 
  • 1925 Iris 
  • 1925 Livette 
  • 1925 Voici l'Hiver 
  • 1926 Sourire de France 
  • 1928 Prelude 
  • 1946 Blue Îles 


Madhva, subtitled "Parfums des Divinites de l'Inde", was established in 1923 by Daniel Jacquet, also the founder of Fontanis in 1919. Madhva Perfumes had retained the Polish artist and illustrator Alexandre Rzewuski to create coordinated identities for all of their perfumes.

It was Rzewuski who selected the perfume's exotic names and collaborated with designer Julien Viard in all five of Madhva's perfumes. The bottle for Damaya was created by Julien Viard and made by Baccarat. All of the perfume bottles for Madhva were produced by Baccarat.

The perfumes of Madhva:
  • 1923 Damoya or Damaya (Sub-titled 'Poetry of Love') 
  • 1923 Ta Wao (Sub-titled 'High Priest of Llassa') 
  • 1923 Tamya (Sub-titled 'Bayaderes of Burma') 
  • 1924 Ananya (Sub-titled 'Goddess of Love') 
  • 1925 Rahna (Sub-titled "Sacred odor of the Benares'") 

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