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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Parfumerie de Raymond and Parfums de Seghers

In this guide I have listed the various perfume produced by Parfumerie de Raymond of Paris France, London and 254 West 31st St., New York 1, N.Y., U.S.A.

c1930 ad

Parfumerie de Raymond was established in 1925 by Raymond Legrand and produced cosmetics, beautiful high end perfumes and toiletries. It was distributed in the USA by EJ Fay of 1270 Broadway, NYC.

Parfumerie de Raymond went bankrupt by 1932, but it was bought out by a new American management company who continued to use the name Parfumerie de Raymond until 1959. Though the presentations were often of low quality.

The best selling perfume by De Raymond was the first, Mimzy, a bouquet of apple blossom, lilac and hyacinth, followed by Pinx, a delicate, sweet carnation scent. Deviltry is a rare perfume as are any of the de Seghers labeled perfumes.

Stage, 1936:
"Mimzy and Pinx (cute, eh?) are the names of two new De Raymond perfumes; the Pinx one is carnationy."

Harper's Bazaar, 1936:
"In a leather box, simulating a traveling clock, de Raymond's perfumes: "Mimzy," "Mon Gardenia" and "Pinx"

Drug and Cosmetic Industry, 1938:
"Parfumerie de Raymond's triplex jewel case de Raymond, available in three combinations, is sold with champagne satin ribbon across the perfume platform reading "Easter Greetings" or "Happy Birthday." Stores will have both bands available."

Drug and Cosmetic Industry, 1940:
"PARFUMERIE DE RAYMOND Parfumerie de Raymond's new three piece Mimzy, Pinx and Deviltry cologne presentation is packaged in a box colored in a rainbow motif (Follow the Rainbow). Each bottle is capped in a different color — orchid, blue and yellow."

Drug and Cosmetic Industry, 1940:
"PARFUMERIE DE RAYMOND Parfumerie de Raymond presents its new perfume, Guile de Raymond. This is the perfume which was named as a result of a nationwide salesgirls' contest."

A 1942 ad reads:
"Deviltry is she's a gypsy at heart. Mimzy for the demure maid who loves a fresh, lighthearted scent. Pinx for the gay; a delightful spicy scent."

Montgomery Ward, 1945:
"Deviltry de Raymond Perfume— a naughty but gay scent."

Modern Packaging, 1948:
"CARNIVAL DRESS Creation of a single motif for all fragrances makes for easy identity of all products in the Parfumerie de Raymond line. New carnival-dress treatment is equally fitting for each perfume name."

Also affiliated with Parfums de Seghers, also of Paris France and New York City, established in 1926 by Raymond Legrand.

Winnipeg Free Press, 1930:
"Hudson Bay Company - Perfumed Gardenia Boutonniere. Attractive white flower delicately perfumed with de Segher's Gardenia Perfume. Combination Offer:  $1 bottle of de Segher's Gardenia Cologne and perfumed gardenia" 

In the 1930s, the name Raymond de Seghers was often used to promote gift sets which held de Raymond and de Seghers perfumes together.

The Montreal Gazette, 1937:
"Raymond de Seghers of Paris has packaged, specially for Easter gift giving, three fragrant perfumes — Pinx and Rhumba. In an attractive satin lined case — box."

The perfumes of De Raymond:
  • 1925 Mimzy (a fresh apple blossom, lilac and hyacinth perfume)
  • 1925 Deviltry (oriental spicy perfume)
  • 1927 Elfe
  • 1927 Fleur de Pre
  • 1928 Mon Gardenia
  • 1929 Sweet Peas
  • 1930 Demain
  • 1930 Teza
  • 1930 Prends Moi
  • 1931 Li Li
  • 1932 Fleur de Ma Vie
  • 1932 Appel d'Amour 
  • 1932 Sweet Pea
  • 1932 Sweet Magnolia 
  • 1932 Honeysuckle
  • 1932 Gardenia
  • 1932 Sakra
  • 1933 Daffodil
  • 1933 Lilas Blanc
  • 1934 L'Oeillet
  • 1934 Rama
  • 1935 Santa Maria
  • 1936 Pinx (a spicy carnation perfume)
  • 1936 J.B.
  • 1936 Gardenia X
  • 1936 Magnolia X
  • 1936 Honeysuckle X
  • 1936 Camelia
  • 1936 Lilac
  • 1936 Lily
  • 1936 Violet
  • 1936 Rose
  • 1936 Tea Rose
  • 1936 Valli-Lily-X
  • 1936 Sa Fleur
  • 1937 Rhumba
  • 1940 Guile de Raymond
  • 1940 Cyclamen
  • 1942 Apple Blossom
  • 1943 Persian Lamb
  • 1945 Man Alive

The perfumes of Parfums de Seghers:
  • 1928 Larmes de Fleurs
  • 1928 Appel d'Amour 
  • 1928 Sept Fleurs 
  • 1928 La Pensee Doree
  • 1930 Teza 
  • 1930 Lilacs and Lilies
  • 1931 Pinxx 
  • 1932 Honeysuckle
  • 1932 Sweet Magnolia 
  • 1933 Gardenia
  • 1933 Valli Lily 
  • 1933 Jasmin 
  • 1933 Sakra
  • 1934 Mignonette
  • 1934 Daffodil
  • 1935 Gardenia-X 
  • 1935 Ga-Ga
  • 1936 Elf
Larmes de Fleurs by Parfums de Seghers, photo by ebay georgestoychest

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