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Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Lore of Perfume

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) 

Wednesday 14 December 1938

The Lore of Perfume 

Do you understand the science of perfume, and are you choosing the right essence to express your personality?

To help you in this beauty lore, I visited the "perfume bar" at the Myer Emporium and enlisted the aid of two kindly helpers-whom I will call Veronica and Olive.

"If you are young and happy," said Veronica, "select a flowery perfume. One of those cool, fresh essences which seem to typify youth. These perfumes are also ideal when a woman is weary, depressed,or sad, as they carry happy thoughts and memories.

"A fair-haired girl may find Coty's Lily of the Valley a perfect essence for her type, while others may prefer the fragrance of Houbigant's Quelques Fleurs, or the endearing sweetness of some of the English scents.

"For the girl with auburn lights in her hair I advise a lilac or violet perfume," interjected Olive, "while the dark haired woman with a strong sense of mystery and romanticism should use gardenia or the heavier magnolia scent."

"Women who prefer a more sophisticated fragrance can experiment with such perfumes as Roger et Gallet's Fleur d'Amour, Jean Patou's Amour-Amour, or Lucien Lelong's mystery scent known as 'N'."

Veronica moved in front of the array of perfume containers and pointed to one of the many phials-"The fair, serene type of young matron," she remarked,"should try Chanel's 5,' as this is a delicate scent which fades away into a soft powdery fragrance, while for the sports girl I recommend such perfumes as Chanel's Cuir de Russie or Lentheric's Tweed.

"If you wish to be mysterious, romantic,or exotic, there are essences for every emotion. Buy a tiny quantity and test for yourself. There is the incense-laden perfume of Worth's Je Reviens, the sandalwood scent of Rigaud's Un Air Embaume, the provocative audacity of Lentheric's Le Pirate, of Schiaparelli's Shocking, of Lanvin's Scandal, or the mystery of Guerlain's Shalimar."

"Remember not to use too strong or too heavy a perfume in the morning,"said Olive. "Keep the fragrance light and almost imperceptible. Then in the afternoon employ a more definite, but still aloof and refined scent, while for the evening use the perfume that suits your mood."

"Are you the elegant and quieter type of older woman who dislikes too noticeable a perfume-well there is Coty's L'Origan or the lilac-scented bouquet of Duchess of York-the essence made by a Russian prince."

Veronica waved an elusive glass stopper before my face and bade me au revoir, saying: "The chief secret is to exploit your personality."

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