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Nally Perfumes & Cosmetics

Fabrica Nally was established in 1928 while the city of Lisbon, Portugal was still surrounded by farm land. Nobre Laboratory was located near the city, in a place called Campo Grande. Nobre laboratory was famous for its production of Benamor Beauty products.

In 1933 the company changed to another owner and this marked a new era for cosmetics and fragrances in Portugal. This was the start of products like toothpaste, soap, suntan lotion, lipsticks, face powder, hair and shaving products.

Scanned from Portuguese magazine Ilustração, No. 109, July 1 1930.

Benamor Beauty Cream

Benamor Cream, the "adorable beauty product that gives the skin an enchanting freshness", was registered in 1928 by a pharmacist who became the first owner of Nobre Laboratories. These soon gave way to the Nally Factory, still located in Campo Grande, in Lisbon. The factory produced many cosmetics and perfumes that became tremendously popular, were featured in the well-loved film comedies of the 1940s (such as “The Tyrannical Father”) and were much appreciated by customers such as Salazar and Queen Amélia. The factory later produced the excellent Alantoíne cream, a citronella scented hand moisturiser, that truly deserves to be rediscovered.

Used by everyone from Salazar, Portugal’s last dictator, to Queen D. Amelia, Portugal’s last Queen and still today by women all around the world!

Dating from 1928, it is still today an effective anti-wrinkle cream: gives a slightly exfoliating effect, that will erase dark spots, freckles and is really great with depigmentation zones. It does not contain perfume, which will not provoke even more spots. As a result, it's scent is very characteristic.

If you need to contact Nally, you can use these contact details:

Campo Grande, 189 1700-090 Lisboa

Tel: +351 217 54 19 30
Fax: +351 217 58 41 36

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