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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Parfums Millot

In this guide I have listed the various perfumes presented by Felix Millot of Paris, France.

c1912 ad

Established by Madame Francoise Millot in 1819, then taken over by Felix Frederic Millot at 57 avenue Victor Emmanuel III, Paris in 1836. Millot acquired the Parfumerie Brunier of 91 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin in 1839 and styled itself as Parfumerie-Savonnerie Brunier, F. Millot, successeur. The company quickly became a prestigious and successful perfumery, cosmetics and toiletry business and major exporter, numerous and varied products. They had major worldwide exports and was the official court perfumer of Egypt at the end of the 19th century.

The company participated in many of the 19th-century exhibitions  and won many prizes including a gold medal in 1900. They produced luxury avant-garde presentations.

Their best selling product in the 1800s was La Pommade a la Graisse d'Ours or "Pomade with Bear Fat", a hair groom. Millot was the first prestigious company to use humor in its advertising. They also sold rice powder for the face.

Henri Desprez succeeded as proprietor and in 1920 Jean Desprez joined the company. It was Jean who created the fabulous perfume Crepe de Chine that became the hallmark of the Millot company.

The company later moved to 98 boulevard de Sebastopol, Paris. In 1939, Jean Desprez resigned from the company to found his own, Parfums Jean Desprez where he introduced the world famous Bal a Versailles.

The F. Millot company was bought by Revillon in 1963 and the company was sometimes known as Parfums Revillon-Millot, of Paris and Revillon-Millot, Ltd. in London.

c1929 ad

c1936 ad

  • Revelry: jasmine, gardenia, reseda, mimosa.
  • Recital: fruity notes, iris, leather, oakmoss
  • Insolent: created by Aimable Duhayon, a fruity chypre with dried fruit, leather, woods, rose, spices, amber, musk, oakmoss
  • Bois Precieux: sandalwood, cedar, galbanum, musk, incense, civet.
  • Partner: created by Aimable Duhayon,a hesperidic floral chypre with lavender, citrus, leather, woodsy notes

Chemist & Druggist, 1965:
"A New French Perfume. — Parfums Revillon-Millot, Ltd., 47 Davies Street, London, W.l, are launching on the British market a new French perfume, L'Insolent, described as " a gay vivacious fragrance, dynamic in its personality, created especially to suit the rhythm of modern living." The bottle is a slim flacon " evocative of feminine decollete." The perfume is also available in a purse-size atomiser."

The perfumes of F. Millot:
  • c1867 Ambre
  • c1867 Ambroisie
  • c1867 Aubepine
  • c1867 Bergamotte
  • c1867 Bouquet d'Alice
  • c1867 Bouquet de Caroline
  • c1867 Bouquet de la Cour
  • c1867 Bouquet de l'Imperatrice
  • c1867 Bouquet de L'Empereur
  • c1867 Bouquet de Violettes
  • c1867 Bouquet des Champs
  • c1867 Bouquet des Souverains
  • c1867 Bouquet Chantilly
  • c1867 Bouquet Eugenie
  • c1867 Bouquet Mignon
  • c1867 Bouquet National
  • c1867 Bouquet Prince Imperial
  • c1867 Brise de Mai
  • c1867 Caprice a la Mode
  • c1867 Cassie
  • c1867 Chypre
  • c1867 Citron
  • c1867 Cuir de Russie
  • c1867 Eau de Lavande Blanche Ambree
  • c1867 Ess. Bouquet Anglais
  • c1867 Feves Tonka
  • c1867 Fleur de Mai
  • c1867 Fleur d'Italie
  • c1867 Frangipane
  • c1867 Geranium
  • c1867 Heliotrope
  • c1867 Jasmin d'Espagne
  • c1867 Jockey Club
  • c1867 Jonquille
  • c1867 Kiss Me Kwick [sic]
  • c1867 Lavande Musquee
  • c1867 Lilas
  • c1867 Magnolia
  • c1867 Mandarine
  • c1867 Marechale
  • c1867 Miel d'Angleterre
  • c1867 Mille Fleurs
  • c1867 Musc
  • c1867 New Mown Hay
  • c1867 Oeillet
  • c1867 Orange Blossom
  • c1867 Orange de Chine
  • c1867 Patchouly [sic]
  • c1867 Pois de Senteur
  • c1867 Portugal
  • c1867 Reseda
  • c1867 Rhum de Toilette
  • c1867 Rose des Alpes
  • c1867 Rose Mousseuse
  • c1867 Rose Musquee
  • c1867 Santal-Citrin
  • c1867 Spring Flowers
  • c1867 Tubereuse
  • c1867 Vanille
  • c1867 Verbana [sic]
  • c1867 Verveine
  • c1867 Vetiver
  • c1867 Violette de Bois
  • c1867 Violette de Parme
  • c1867 Ylang Ylang
  • 1900 Bonheur du Jour
  • 1900 Brisas de Cordilleras
  • 1900 Chrysantheme du Japon
  • 1900 Delta
  • 1900 Double Parfum
  • 1900 Draconis
  • 1900 Eau de Cologne Primiale
  • 1900 Felicia
  • 1900 Foin Coupe
  • 1900 Glycerine
  • 1900 Heliotrope Blanc
  • 1900 Ideal Parfum de la Violette
  • 1900 Iridia
  • 1900 Jardin Royal
  • 1900 Kantirix
  • 1900 Le Medaillon
  • 1900 Lilas Blanc
  • 1900 Mail-Coach
  • 1900 Nouvelle
  • 1900 Parfumerie Primiale
  • 1900 Parisien
  • 1900 Primialis
  • 1900 Opoponax
  • 1900 Royal Iridia
  • 1900 Supreme Parfum
  • 1900 Vaseline
  • 1900 Violi-Violette
  • 1910 Flacon 1900
  • 1912 Les Lauriers d'Aigle
  • 1916 Roi de Trèfle
  • 1925 Crepe de Chine (an aldehydic floral chypre perfume)
  • 1931 Recital  (a chypre perfume)
  • 1933 Altitude
  • 1933 Bois Precieux (an oriental woody perfume)
  • 1934 Pierrette
  • 1935 Verabella
  • 1938 Regard
  • 1947 Insolent (a fruity chypre perfume)
  • 1948 Joyeuse Nuit
  • 1948 Revelry (a spicy floral perfume)
  • 1949 Chere Madame
  • 1951 Tanagra
  • 1953 Impertinence
  • 1959 Chere Monsieur
  • 1959 Partner
  • 1959 Ganteline
  • 1961 Partner (a hesperidic floral chypre fragrance for men)
  • Aveu d'Amour
  • Chante Cœur
  • Chaume Fleuri
  • Fougère
  • Fougère St Germain
  • Giroflée Simple
  • Heliotrope
  • Hypmne À Flore
  • Jacinthe Azur
  • Jaspiz-Jaspiz
  • La Gai Lilas
  • Le Bon Œillet
  • Muguet d’Argent
  • Rose Galante
  • Rose Vérmeille
  • Stephanotis

  • 1900 Au Miel
  • 1900 Benjoin
  • 1900 Brises de Montagnes
  • 1900 Bruyeres
  • 1900 Fleurs de Mauve
  • 1900 Fleurs de Pecher
  • 1900 Miel d'Orient
  • 1900 Mille Fleurs
  • 1900 Musc
  • 1900 Patchouly
  • 1900 Printanier
  • 1900 Suc de Lichen
  • 1900 Rosees des Fleurs

A 1948 newspaper ad reads:  "We introduce Revelry perfume by Millot of Paris. They tell us there's jasmine, gardenia, reseda and mimosa in Revelry plus other fragrances gathered from all over the world."

The “Eau de Toilette Kantirix” perfume bottle designed by Hector Guimard for Felix Millot for the Exposition Universelle 1900. For the 1900 Universal Exhibition Hector Guimard, architect and decorator, built and decorated the pavillion for the Felix Millot Parfumerie, where three new perfume lines “Violette”, “Primialis” and “Kantirix” were introduced. Bottle stands 7¾'' high x 3½ '' wide x 1½ '' deep.

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