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The Perfumes of A. Euziere

A. Euziere of Grasse, France, established in 1887 as Societe Euziere et Seytre.

Became Henri Euziere et Cie in 1920 at Pont du Loup, Grasse, also known as Les Parfums d'Euziére.

Euziere created some superb presentations featuring Viard bottles, such as the one for Lierre & Liseron in 1925. Some bottles were produced by Rene Lalique such as the ones for Cyclamen and Muguet.

The fragrance of Atakor was available in the following: perfume, bath salts, solid perfume, face powder, face cream, soap, lotion and eau de cologne. Atakor perfume was housed in a black glass bottle designed by Georges Dumoulin.

The perfumes of A. Euziere:
  • 1900 Douce Chimere
  • 1911 Violette
  • 1920 Caresse
  • 1920 Pang
  • 1920 Parfum Evernia
  • 1920 Parfum Supreme
  • 1924 Cyclamen (Presented in a bottle by René Lalique)
  • 1924 Essodor
  • 1924 Source Bleu (Presented in a blue bottle by Verrières Viard)
  • 1925 Atakor
  • 1925 Chypre
  • 1925 Heliotrope
  • 1925 Mimosa
  • 1925 Lierre Liseron
  • 1925 Muguet (Presented in a bottle by René Lalique)
  • 1925 Selima
  • 1925 Tezia
  • 1925 Touts les Fleurs
  • 1925 Scand

Euziere had a line of solid perfumes similar to Molinard's Concreta, these were housed in colorful Bakelite pots, painted with various images on the lids. Euziere dubbed these "L'Amulettes".

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