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April Showers by Cheramy c1921

The Cheramy perfumery, was established by Raymond Couin at 19 rue Cambon, Paris in around 1921. The name Cheramy may be a play on words, deriving from Cher Ami ("dear friend" in French). April Showers was Cheramy's best selling fragrance.

 April Showers was launched in 1921.

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like? It is classified as a fougere fragrance for women with dominant geranium-lavender notes.

  • Top notes: lavender, bergamot, green notes
  • Middle notes: hay, geranium, rose
  • Base notes: sandalwood, amber, oakmoss, tonka bean, vanilla, musk

From the June 1925 issue of Photoplay:
“April Showers Accent your Charm with the Perfumes of Youth. 
At the country club, at the reception, wherever one finds the vivacious debutante, one is aware of a soft, whispering wave of something entirely new, a scent fresh as springtime, subtle as a whisper, as youthful as youth itself. It is April Showers, it can’t be described by either of the softness of colors or the vividness of words., and what so few perfumes possess-imagination. Imagination born of genius and tradition. Imagination of great artists who have spent lifetimes in the gardens of France, weaving the breath of flowers into wondrous odors. April Showers is another such masterpiece as Cappi, as vivid, as bright, as sparkling, but filed with the freshness of springtime. The woman who has Cappi will want April Showers. And the woman who has neither will want them both. For the two of them will accent the charm of her varying moods. They are Cheramy’s Perfumes of Youth.
  • April Showers perfume, a whole ocean of self confidence in one tiny bottle, $1.00, $2.50 and $4.00.
  • Double Compact, a new jewel of beauty and usefulness that you’ll want to carry always, very thin $2.00.
  • Face Powder, stays on-blends with your skin makes it smoother, creamier and finer, in five delicate shades $0.75.
  • Bath Salts- bits of crystal magic that make a bath work wonders when you’re tired $1.00. 
  • Dusting Powder- a fluffy fineness , delightfully perfumed, for the discriminating $1.25.
  • Toilet Water, like liquid topaz, magically refreshing $2.00.”

April Showers was available in eau de cologne, and bottles ranged in sizes from the tiny enchantillon samples, 1/16 ltr, 1/8 ltr, ¼ ltr, ½ ltr to one liter in size.

From the June 30, 1927 issue of the Ottowa Citizen:
“New Toilet Preparations --April Showers from Cheramy of Paris: To the average woman, toilet goods represent a cool delightful avenue of escape from summer heat and discomfort. The bath preparations are refreshing and invigorating perfume and toilet water give a feeling of daintiness and immaculate well being - and the facial products keep the complexions clear and soft. Especially fitting for the summer months are these Cheramy preparations -
  • April Showers perfume… ¼ oz bottle….$1.00 
  • perfume…1oz bottle…..$2.50
  • Toilet Water………… $2.00
  • Face Powder…………..$1.00
  • Talcum in glass containers… $0.60
  • Talcum in tin containers…..$0.25
  • Permanent Rouge … $0.60
  • Bath Salts….$1.25
  • Dusting Powder…. $1.25”

By the 1940s, April Showers' popularity soared and other products were introduced such as sachet powder, soaps, single compacts, brilliantine, cold cream, lipstick, rouge, skin lotion, and eau de cologne. It also appeared as April Showers Frosty Bouquet which appears to be a Christmas time limited edition during the 1940s, it may have had mint or camphor added to evoke a cooling effect on the skin.

 In 1953 Cheramy introduced the “April Showers Two in One, Deodorant Talc”.

There was a time in 1966 when April Showers stood on it’s own two legs and products were marketed as April Showers, Inc, New York-Montreal. Located at 539 West 45th Street in New York City. The company made beauty and bath preparations, toiletries, and essential oils. And the products were compounded in the USA. It released fragrances called Bold Lemon, Muguet and Persian Lilac. The company was still in business around 1967.

In 1922, Cheramy Inc. was bought out by Houbigant, Cheramy became a division producing lower-priced products mainly for the American market. April Showers was released under both names. Cheramy specialized in high quality, single flower perfumes at affordable prices. The Cheramy perfumes were all initially presented in the same flacon model created by Julien Viard, but each fragrance has a different label. The vividly colored labels were shaped like a stylized flower, represented by the perfume's name in true Art Deco style. The Cheramy shop was decorated with cardboard signs related to the label shapes and colors. The Cheramy image relied heavily on these coordinated geometric floral motifs.

Items such as perfume, eau de cologne, spray mist, eau de toilette dusting powder/talc powder, hand and body lotion, bath and shower gel, body soap, moisturizing cremes, bath oil, bubble bath, hair spray and personal deodorant may be found.

Fate of the Fragrance:

By 1991, April Showers was no longer produced and the trademark had died.


  1. In 1957 as a child of age 9, I found a tin of April Showers Deodorant Talc Cheramy, New York, in an old abandoned barn we were playing in. I thought it smelled marvelous! I assumed no one wanted it so I took it home with me. My Mother of course made me return it to the old barn. I cried all day! I never forgot that smell !Today, at age 69 I found the exact tin with powder still in it in an Antique store. Needless to say...I now own it ! Its a different tin than the ones you show..

    1. Hi, thank you for sharing your sweet story with us. April Showers powder did come in various tins with varying designs over the years.


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