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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fracy Paris

Fracy Paris, established in 1922, the company was a subdivision established by F.R. Arnold & Co. located at 10 West 33rd St, New York City. In 1928, they changed their name to Fracy, Inc.

They produced novelty perfumes as well as luxurious presentations featuring flacons designed by Julien Viard such as Silviette, and Onyx.

The perfume Silhouette was originally made by Richard Hudnut, it was then sold to Parfums Fracy in 1922, it was presented in a bottle designed by Julien Viard. Delicate cylindrical flacon in clear glass enameled with black bundles and small blue pearls in the Art Deco style. Black and pearl blue enameled stopper with a dauber.

In addition to perfumes, they also produced cosmetics, face powder (Poudre de Beaute), bath crystals, soap, and dusting powder.

Their soaps had specific colors to correspond to their various fragrances:
  • Charmeuse, blue
  • Chypre, dark salmon
  • Jasmin, natural
  • Jolifleur, green
  • Lilas, lilac 
  • Lavande, lavender
  • Passionata, light salmon
  • Rosejoli, rose
  • Rose Verveine, salmon
  • Sweet Pea, canary
  • Violet, violet

The perfumes of Fracy:
  • 1922 Chypre
  • 1922 Rose
  • 1922 Heliotrope
  • 1922 Pavlov
  • 1922 Sweet Pea
  • 1922 Silhouette
  • 1922 Fracy
  • 1922 Silvette
  • 1922 Onyx
  • 1924 Charmeuse
  • 1924 Allumettes (match sticks for the lips)
  • 1924 Jasmin 
  • 1924 Lilas
  • 1924 Rose Verveine 
  • 1924 Lavande
  • 1924 Passionata
  • 1924 Rose-Jolie
  • 1924 Jolifleur
  • 1924 Violette de Cannes
  • 1925 Apine Patina
  • 1925 Apine Emailies
  • 1930 Bagatelle
  • 1930 Ambre

Cosmopolitan, 1924:
"Fracy Odeurs makes its Fracy Fragrances— made "wholly in France — have amazing endurance and delicacy. It is not just coincidence that the most fascinating women of history have been French. Nor is it mistaken illusion that brings a sparkle of active interest to masculine eyes when the word "Parisienne" is merely mentioned."

Advertising to Women, 1928:
" Women who know have found the secret of this charm of personal fragrance in Fracy Bath Luxuries — in the bath crystals, soap, and dusting powder whose fragrance pervades the whole body, supplying that elusive, delightful aura that becomes so distinctively one's very own."

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