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Monday, February 23, 2015

Courvoisier Perfumes

Courvoisier Perfumes & Soaps, established by the eponymous French cognac manufacturer in the early 1900s, and distributed exclusively by Bronnley of England.

Courvoisier produced perfume, soap, cosmetics and toiletries. Some of their cosmetics and skincare items were the Mimosa, for whitening and softening the skin, Cleansing Fluid for removing stains from the nails and fingers, Nail Polish, Cuticle Cream and their Royal Orange Stick, for manicures, and for men, they made a Fine Shaving Stick Soap.

The most celebrated odors from the company were the CC Perfumes (Courvoisier's Concentrated) which were alcohol-free perfumes of various flowers plus the famous scents Omar Khayyam, Viotto and Havaneta.

The perfumes of Courvoisier:
  • 1907 Otto of Violets/Viotto (the Soul of the Violet)
  • 1907 Havaneta  (the "Soul" of West Indian Flora)
  • 1911 Omar Khayyam  (the scent of a Persian Garden, made of eastern floral ottos)
  • 1913 Rose Essence (Rose Royale)
  • 1913 Rama (presented in a bottle designed by Julien Viard)
  • 1913 Evé (possibly the re-branded fragrance ‘Rama’)
  • 1916 CC Perfume - Lily of the Valley
  • 1916 CC Perfume - Carnation
  • 1916 CC Perfume - Sweet Pea
  • 1916 CC Perfume - Parma Violet
  • 1916 CC Perfume - Jasmin
  • 1916 CC Perfume - Narcissus
  • 1916 CC Perfume - Wallflower
  • 1916 CC Perfume - Heliotrope
  • 1916 CC Perfume - Rose
  • 1916 CC Perfume - Cyclamen
  • 1916 CC Perfume - Lilac
  • 1920 Margaux Lilac
  • 1920 Margaux Lily of the Valley
  • 1920 Miss Courvoisier
  • 2007 Courvoisier Edition Imperiale Eau de Toilette 
  • 2007 Courvoisier Edition Imperiale Eau de Parfum

Courvoisier, the third-largest-selling Cognac in the United States, released the Courvoisier Edition Imperiale Eau de Parfum ($125) and the Courvoisier Edition Imperiale Eau de Toilette ($95) in high end and duty-free shops in early 2007.

Pharmaceutical Journal; A Weekly Record of Pharmacy and Allied Sciences, 1907:
"H. Bronnley and Co Limited. We are informed that in addition to Messrs Harrod's Limited, the Army and Navy Stores, and Messrs William Whiteley Limited, have purchased replicas of H. Bronnley and Co.'s exhibit at the Franco-British Exhibition, consisting mainly of Courvoisier's Otto of Violets Perfume and Soap. and Havaneta Perfume and Soap."

Chemist & Druggist, 1929,
"The well-known " Courvoisier " series is represented by a coffret containing one bottle of Ess Viotto and two cakes of Ess Viotto soap. Great attention is given to their products by Mssrs. Bronnley , and only the best of material is used."

Courvoisier perfumes shown in an advertisement from a 1913 William Whiteley Ltd catalog.

T. P.'s Weekly, Volume 9, 1907:

The Sketch: A Journal of Art and Actuality, Volume 62, 1908:

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