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Friday, March 6, 2015

Ellen Betrix

Ellen Betrix was first established  as a German cosmetics brand founded in 1935 in Dreieich-Sprendlingen (Pfalz), best known for their lipsticks, nail polish and other makeup products exported worldwide.

Around 1968 or 1973, a cosmetic line for men known as Henry M. Betrix was introduced and included men's fragrances, simultaneously, the Ellen Betrix branded women's fragrances were also launched. Utilizing attractive bottles and packaging, these fragrances could be found in better stores alongside other major brands.

I believe that the Ellen Betrix company purchased LT Piver sometime after 1973 as the LT Piver company closed up shop that year. In 1984, LT Piver was resurrected and Ellen Betrix released three fragrances that were co-branded with LT Piver: Inclination, Fetiche and Mascarade.

In 1984, a licensing agreement was initiated between Hugo Boss, Laura Biagiotti & Otto Kern and some fragrances were issued under these names. A subsidiary, Eurocos, was created to handle these accounts. The first Hugo Boss fragrance, a masculine eau de toilette, was launched in Switzerland in 1985, and an independent branch was established to control this part of the company.

In 1989, Revlon purchased the Ellen Betrix company, before being traded to Proctor & Gamble in 1991, which also included the licenses for Hugo Boss & Laura Biagiotti. In 2000, Proctor & Gamble merged the Ellen Betrix line with Max Factor, and in turn created the Max Factor Betrix subdivision.

The fragrances of Ellen Betrix:
  • 1973 Henry M. Betrix 
  • 1977 Number One/No. 1 (a floral fragrance)
  • 1978 Number Two/No. 2  (a fresh floral aldehydic fragrance)
  • 1979 Number Six /No. 6 (an oriental fragrance)
  • 1979 Henry M. Betrix City (a woody masculine)
  • 1980 Henry M Betrix Country (a green masculine)
  • 1983 De Jour (an oriental fragrance)
  • 1983 De Soir (a fresh-woody chypre)
  • 1983 French Style (a floral-woody aldehyde)
  • 1983 Italian Style (a fresh-woody chypre)
  • 1983 Indian Style
  • 1983 Oriental Style
  • 1983 No. 6 Oriental Style 
  • 1984 Henry M Betrix Party (a masculine chypre)
  • 1984 Sport+Beauty
  • 1984 Fétiche Eau de Parfum (co-branded LT Piver) 
  • 1984 Mascarade Eau de Parfum (co-branded LT Piver) 
  • 1984 Inclination Eau de Parfum (co-branded LT Piver) 
  • 1985 Hugo Boss (in association with Eurocos, a masculine edt)
  • 1986 Dancing
  • 1986 Feeling
  • 1986 Smashing
  • 1986 Touching
  • 1988 Trance (a fruity-spicy amber fragrance)
  • 1994 Nature - Coreana (an association with Eurocos)
  • 1994 Liaison (a floral fruity, powdery woody)


  • The numbered ladies fragrances were available in parfum, eau de parfum and eau de toilette concentrations. The perfume bottles labels and stoppers were often color coded to each fragrance: No. 6 was orange, No. 2 was red, and No. 1 was blue, so if your mini bottle loses a label, you will know what perfume is inside.
  • The Henry M. Betrix men's fragrances were available in eau de toilette, eau de cologne and aftershave.
  • The "Style" fragrances: Italian, French, Oriental, and Indian were available in parfum, eau de parfum and eau de toilette.
  • The day and night fragrances: de Jour and de Soir were available in parfum and eau de toilette. The perfume bottles labels and stoppers were often color coded to each fragrance: de Jour was white and de Soir was black, so if your mini bottle loses a label or the lettering has worn off, you will know what perfume is inside.
  • The "verbal" fragrances: Dancing, Feeling, Smashing and Touching were available in eau de toilette. The perfume bottles labels and stoppers were often color coded to each fragrance: Touching was orange, Feeling was chartreuse, Dancing was jade green and Smashing was fuscha, , so if your mini bottle loses a label, you will know what perfume is inside.
  • The LT Piver fragrances: Inclination, Fetiche and Mascarade were available in parfum de toilette, eau de parfum and soap.

Thanks to www.seeteufelchen.info for info on Ellen Betrix,

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