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Friday, August 28, 2015

Jean de Parys

Jean de Parys of Paris France, established in 1914 by Jean Cousin in Nanterre (Seine).

Arthur Feldman, doing business as Jean de Parys, New York, N. Y. Perfumes, face creams, powders, and rouge, trademarked the name of Jean de Parys in the USA in 1924.

In 1925, Arthur Feldman, J. H. Wisan, L. Ashworth formed the Jean de Parys Corp. in New York City with $25,000 to make perfumes.

The company was short-lived but produced exquisite luxury presentations. Bottles were designed by Andre Jollivet and some were produced by Rene Lalique.

Some newspaper ads have misspelled the company's name so you may see it spelled as "Jean de Pary" like in the advertisement below. Also, many newspaper ads misspell the names of the perfumes too.

In 1928 the Jean de Parys company became the Cousin Frères and redeems the hairdresser Desfossés brand ROJA.  1932 saw the creation of the Brillantine Roja Ricinée, based on vegetable oils. Nearly 4 million units were sold in 1939. In 1953, it was the success Roja Flora Brillantine Perfume (8 million bottles sold). At that time, Roja was the undisputed leader brillantine with nearly 35% market share.

The perfumes of Jean de Parys:

  • 1921 Rose Glorie
  • 1922 Rosée d’Eté
  • 1923 Premier Desir
  • 1924 Chypre
  • 1924 Jasmin
  • 1924 Oeillet
  • 1924 Violette
  • 1924 Iris
  • 1924 Ambre
  • 1924 Vague d'Or
  • 1924 L'Origan
  • 1924 Desire
  • 1925 Lady Madeleine
  • 1925 Sous le Gui
  • 1925 Arôme de Fleurs
  • 1925 Ambré de Patna
  • 1925 Bouquet de Fleurs
  • 1925 Zulena

The Miami News - July 15, 1926:
"Jean de Parys' Perfume and Powder. Somehow this Parisian has succeeded in capturing the most alluring and elusive of odors and bottling them for the joy of, not only the women of Paris, but now for the women of Miami, for in our Toilet Goods Department, you will find the line complete. Sous le Gui (Under the Mistletoe); Premier Desir, as fresh as the sun's first kiss to dawn; Vague d'Or (Wave of Gold); Chypre; Ambre de Patna; Lady Madeleine; Bouquet de Fleurs; Zulena; Iris; and other fascinating odors. Burdine &  Quaterman."

The Indianapolis News, 1926:
"Jean De Parys Perfumes are loveliest for evening occasions when soft lights flatter, when gowns are rich and gleaming, when conversation is sparkling, then Jean de Parys perfumes are most alluring! They may be worn for familytime occasions and very successfully, too, but not with the appropriateness that their exotic fragrance creates for evening. Jean de Parys perfumes may be had in Zulena, Jasmin, Chypre and Premier Desir odors, beautifully bottled, and priced, each, $15. Exclusive With Ayres in Indianapolis Ayres Toiletries, street floor. "


The gorgeous Jean de Parys bottles were reportedly manufactured by Rene Lalique. They came in two colors: clear crystal with frosted glass stopper covers and black crystal with frosted black glass stopper covers.

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