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Monday, April 8, 2013

Parfumerie Silka

Parfumerie Silka, also known as Parfums Silka, was established by Maurice Roussel at 16 quai de la Megisserie, Paris in 1909. He was related to Parfumerie Roussel family which was established in 1852, producer of the very successful Eau Gorlier in the 19th century.

Silka was mainly a manufacturer of refined and sophisticated perfumes and cosmetics with romantic, original perfume names. Their perfumes of the 1910-1920s period were marked by striking and unusual luxury presentations.

Some of Silka's perfumes were housed in bottles designed by the Art Nouveau jeweler Lucien Gaillard, a contemporary and friend of Rene Lalique. These were the perfumes: Ikonia, Arôme Mystique, C'est, Chypre, Violette, Narcisse, and Ami.

 In 1919 the Turkish city of Konya was the inspiration for Ikonia, a perfume produced by the Silka firm.

The designer Georges Chevalier lent his ideas to some of Silka's bottles such as  L'Inattendue and Si Tu Veux.

Other bottles were designed by Julien Viard: Rose, Chèvrefeuille, and Jasmin.

Some bottles were made by Baccarat:
  • Ami was presented in bottle # 552
  • Lunasol was in bottle #673
  • Toquade was in bottle #604
  • Ombre du Soir was in bottle #506
  • Si Tu Veux was in bottle #687
  • Narcisse was in bottle # 552
  • Ikonia

Other bottles were made by Maurice Depinoix:

  • C'est 

The company was shut down during World War II and continued operations after the war was over until around 1950. Company revived sometime in the late 1990’s.

The perfumes of Silka:
  • 1910 Caricia
  • 1912 Flamme Parfumee
  • 1917 Ikonia 
  • 1918 Rose de Silka
  • 1919 Konia
  • 1920 Arôme Mystique 
  • 1920 C'est
  • 1920 Chèvrefeuille 
  • 1920 Jasmin
  • 1920 Narcisse 
  • 1920 Heliotrope
  • 1920 Muguet
  • 1920 Bouquet Silka
  • 1920 Chypre
  • 1920 Œillet
  • 1920 Violette 
  • 1920 Gardenia
  • 1921 Lunasol
  • 1925 Alty's
  • 1925 L'Inattendue
  • 1925 Ami 
  • 1926 Toquade/Tocade
  • 1928 Ombre du Soir
  • 1929 Si Tu Veux
  • 1919 Eau de Cologne Ambre
  • 1929 Eau de Cologne Silka
  • 1930 Tabac Mystique
  • 1930 Viens à Moi
  • 1946 Cœur de Paris
  • 1946 Fleurs de Tabac
  • 1946 Le Bouquet de Silka
  • 1946 S de Silka
  • 1946 Tabac de Iles
  • 1946 Coy de Paris
  • Style Fleuri
  • Cuir de Russie


Ami #1...Clear glass round flacon, with round screw cap. Stands 4,5 cm , diam : 6,5 cm.

Photo by ebay seller 3603sylvestre

Ami #2....Perfume bottle in black glass with frosted stopper, with gilded labels and faux eggshell decoration, c. 1925. 7 3/4". 

Circa 1923. Lucien Gaillard designed perfume bottle and stopper, clear glass molded as bamboo, molded and paper labels, enamel detail. 5 1/2 in. Made by Cristalleries de Baccarat bottle # 552

photo by Perfume Bottles Auction

Circa 1923. Miniature presentation created by Lucien Gaillard. Clear glass bottle molded with a checkerboard pattern with matching stopper ; complete with red leather case that has a cut-out window to reveal the label. Flacon stands 2" tall,  embossed on base " G" inside a circle.

photo from ebay

Circa 1926. Toquade, a clear and frosted crystal with recessed name labels. Stenciled BACCARAT. Ht. 4 in.
photo by Rago Arts

Circa 1928. Lunasol perfume bottle and stopper, clear crystal, enamel and silver gilt, molded labeling, metal cover, box. Baccarat mark. 3 5/8 in.

Photo by Perfume Bottles Auction

Circa 1925. Georges Chevalier designed L'Inattendue atomizer, clear glass, black and gold enamel, gilt metal fittings. Perfume dispenses through mouth. 4 3/4 in.

photo by Perfume Bottles Auction

Fleurs de Tabac:
Circa 1946. Clear glass bottle with black bakelite screw cap.

photo by ebay seller christensensse

Unknown Silka Perfume bottle: made by Baccarat.
photo by ebay seller assovintage

Cuir de Russie:
Circa 1930s...clear glass rectangular flacon. 

Photo by ebay seller martinesolon

Bouquet Silka:
Circa 1920. Clear Baccarat crystal flacon, with inner glass stopper and brass over cap. 

Circa 1921. Black glass bottle, ball shape, with gilded lines, square embossed label. Designed by Lucien Gaillard.

photo by ebay seller brutedegrenier

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