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Friday, January 3, 2014

Charles of the Ritz Perfumes

In this guide I have listed the various perfume produced by Charles of the Ritz of New York City.

In 1916, Charles Jundt, a coiffeur took over the beauty salon at the Ritz Carlton in New York City. He founded his own cosmetics company in 1919. Prior to the war, he had achieved notable triumphs abroad, only serving members of the aristocracy and ultra-wealthy. The war practically ruined his salons. So, like many other artists, he came to the United States. He opened a salon in the Ritz-Carlton and his clientele rapidly increased. In 1926 began marketing his products with the name Charles of the Ritz. In 1927, he introduced perfumes.

The first perfumes were named with simple letters of the alphabet. I am sure there are more perfumes to be found, if I left one out, let me know.

In 1935, Jean Nate bath and body preparations were introduced. This proved to be the most famous of his fragrances and still remains a best seller.

In 1964 Charles of the Ritz merged with the Lanvin group. It was from then on known as Lanvin-Charles of the Ritz.

In 1987, Charles of the Ritz perfume company was sold to Revlon, in 2002, Revlon discontinued the Charles of the Ritz name, so you will find Charles of the Ritz perfumes marketed under the Revlon name.

The perfumes of Charles of the Ritz:
  • 1927 Parfum A (an exotic oriental perfume)
  • 1927 Parfum B (a floral blend perfume)
  • 1927 Parfum C
  • 1935 Jean Nate
  • 1936 Gardenia
  • 1937 Spur Eau de Cologne
  • 1938 Tingle Cologne
  • 1939 Summertime Cologne
  • 1940 Wintertime Cologne
  • 1940 Moss Rose Cologne
  • 1941 Love Potion
  • 1941 Spring Rain Cologne (a fresh green perfume)
  • 1942 Flower Show
  • 1944 Jester
  • 1944 Water Sprite
  • 1944 Soignee
  • 1944 Sea Shell
  • 1945 An English Garden
  • 1945 Directoire (a floral oriental amber perfume)
  • 1945 Little Women
  • 1945 Damask
  • 1945 Wild Rose
  • 1946 Ritual, discontinued around 1976. (floral and woodsy note, like spring in a mossy forest), 
  • 1947 Baby Pink
  • 1949 French Provincial
  • 1949 Christmas Carol
  • 1950 Floreal
  • 1951 Country Wedding
  • 1954 Ishah (a spicy chypre)
  • 1957 Simone Mounier
  • 1962 Raffia (for men)
  • 1972 Ritz (also known as Ritz Classic)
  • 1977 Charles of the Ritz for Women
  • 1978 Charivari
  • 1979 Aston
  • 1981 Senchal
  • 1984 Forever Krystle
  • 1985 Carrington
  • 1978 Enjoli
  • 1984 Enjoli Midnight
  • 1987 Xia'Xiang

Dance Magazine - Volume 17, 1931:
“A lovely gift box comes from Charles of the Ritz. It is of silver and rose with a rose velvet lining and contains a one ounce bottle of Parfum A or B, according to your choice, a bottle of toilet water and a certificate entitling the receiver to a box of powder blended especially for her. In good shops wherever Charles of the Ritz preparations are sold you will find this powder-blending service.The price of this box is $7.50.”

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