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Friday, January 3, 2014

Mary Garden Perfumes & Toiletries

In this guide I have listed the various toiletries and perfumes bearing the brand name Mary Garden.

Mary Garden products were manufactured by Rigaud of 16 rue de la Paix, Paris. The Mary Garden products were solely distributed in America by George Borgfeldt & Co. Advertisements of the era stated that you could write to the Borgfeldt Company to receive the catalog "L'art de la Toilette", which probably showcased the brands of toilet preparations that they distributed.

Starting in 1910 Rigaud produced many cosmetics and toiletries bearing the Mary Garden name and picture. Mary Garden sued Rigaud for not properly licensing her name and image. In the 1937 case of Garden v. Parfumerie Rigaud, Inc. a U.S. court had found in her favor saying that while she had consented that her name could be used in connection with a particular perfume, Rigaud had failed to secure the consent needed to register her name and portrait as a trademark.

Mary Garden (1874-1967) was an important Scottish soprano in the opera, she was described as being the "Sarah Bernhardt of opera". She made her first public debut in 1900 in Paris as Louise. Around 1902, she played the title role of Salome. She first performed in the USA in 1907 in a production of Thais. Her last performance on stage was in 1931.

A 1917 advertisements states that:

"Mary Garden Perfume is the original creation of the world's great perfumer Rigaud. Many women are now using the complete set of Mary Garden toilet preparations. There is only one Mary Garden perfume. Every package of Mary Garden toilet requisites bears the name of Rigaud Paris."

"Mary Garden perfume enshrines one with an enchanting atmosphere of flower fragrance."

The Mary Garden Product line included:

  • Mary Garden Toilet Water
  • Mary Garden Extracts in large, medium & small sizes
  • Mary Garden Brilliantine
  • Mary Garden Face Powder
  • Mary Garden Face Powder (solid)
  • Mary Garden Face Rouge (solid)
  • Mary Garden Face Rouge
  • Mary Garden Lip Stick
  • Mary Garden Lip Rouge
  • Mary Garden Combination Vanity Case (Rouge)
  • Mary Garden Tooth Paste
  • Mary Garden Breath Pastilles (Tablets)
  • Mary Garden Cold Cream
  • Mary Garden Liquid Soap
  • Mary Garden Smelling Salts
  • Mary Garden Dentifrice
  • Mary Garden Massage Cream
  • Mary Garden Sachet Powder
  • Mary Garden Eyebrow Pencil
  • Mary Garden Eyelash Beautifier
  • Mary Garden Soaps
  • Mary Garden Talcum Powder
  • Mary Garden Tissue Cream
  • Mary Garden Hair Tonic
  • Mary Garden Shampoo
  • Mary Garden Mouth Wash
  • Mary Garden Hair Lotion
  • Mary Garden Nail Polishes
  • Mary Garden Coffret

From a 1917 advertisement:

"Mary Garden Face Powder. This downy powder, soft and smooth as the velvet on a butterfly's wing, will make your complexion as transparently lovely as Mary Garden's. Sold by the best shops everywhere in a special box, in all tints, at one dollar."

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