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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Garden Court Toiletries & Perfume

Garden Court Toiletries were manufactured by Nelson of 61 Brooklyn Avenue, Detroit, Michigan. Subsidiary of Penslar Stores.

A book published in 1921 describes the introduction of Garden Court Toiletries by Nelson. Penslar was looking for a more attractive name to head their new line of toiletries…“So "Nelson, Detroit," was adopted. Early in 1919 announcement of the new line was ...showing the Garden Court leaders and their handsome blue- and ivory colored packages. “

Garden Court Toiletries were to be sold only in the Penslar stores in Canada and the USA. The line was shown with full page, full-color ads in Cosmopolitan, the Ladies Home Journal, Pictorial Review and Vogue.

So what does it smell like? It was classified as a floral fragrance for women made up of thirty-two different essences.
  • Top notes: Parma violets
  • Middle notes: Alpine jasmine, Florentine iris, French lavender, Bulgarian roses
  • Base notes: East Indian sandalwood

The first advertisement in ladies magazines was in September 1919, in full color. Small booklets were handed out, titled “The Eighth Art”, it gave advice on makeup and artificial lighting. It was given in conjunction with a small sample size of face powder to provoke interest.

 The Garden Court line included: Double Combination Vanishing Cream, Cold Cream, Face Powder, Talcum Powder, Compact Face Powder, Rouge, Liquid Brilliantine, Coconut Shampoo Cream, Benzoin and Almond Lotion, Toilet Water, Perfume Extract and Stationary. Advertised in 1919 as “made by master perfumers from materials of the highest quality and blended into perfect combinations, possessed of a fragrance that is quite irresistible.” The products were still offered for sale in 1931.

“The choice of the well-groomed woman. Enviable Is the complexion obtained by Garden Court.

“The Garden Court group is not complete until you enjoy the use of the Talcum Powder, 25 cents and the Double Combination Cream at fifty cents.”

Garden Court Perfume! “Is the successful blending from the souls of more than thirty fragrant flowers — the floral gardens of the world have all contributed to the subtle sweetness and its wonderful bouquet. Garden Court Perfume is the odor of the flower gardens of the world. It is a bouquet of thirty-two blended essences and is the most subtly piquant and delightful of perfumes. It is delicate bust lasting. It is one to identify with your personality. Extract ½ oz 75 cents. Extract 1 oz $1.50. Extract Gift Bottle $2.00”

Garden Court Toilet Water: “Although not as concentrated as the Perfume, Garden Court Toilet Water still maintains a high degree the wonderful Garden Court odor.It is so individually different and yet so truly fascinating. This package is truly a thing of rare beauty. So rich and so genuinely ornamental. It is irresistible in its delicacy. Delightful for atomizer or bath. In attractive frosted bottles of original design with fleur de lis relief. This is admitted to be an unusual value at two dollars a bottle.”

Garden Court Face Powder: “You will find this perfect complexion powder is beneficial to the skin in protecting it from the ravages of the elements. It is sifted through silk, 14,400 tiny meshes to the square inch. It is satiny smooth and imperceptible on the skin, yet it does what a powder should do, it stays on all til you take it off. It is unquestioned in its purity, clings unseen while radiating the subtle sweetness of Garden Court Perfume. Comes in all the shades: white, pink, naturelle and brunette. A beautiful box at fifty cents.”

Garden Court Rouge: “Imparts a true natural healthy glow to the cheeks. Light, medium and dark shades.50 cents”

Garden Court Double Cream Powder: “A vanishing and massage cream, with a cold cream base. Is not greasy. Can be used in the day and at night and as a skin food. An ideal base for the Garden Court Face Powder. 50 cents.”

Garden Court Cold Cream: “Immediately when your skin loses its soft pliancy and suppleness it quickly becomes rough and wrinkled. When the skin dries, it quickly loses the freshness and attractiveness. You will find Garden Court Cream especially beneficial in maintaining a firm smoothness of skin, free from blotch and blemish. Here you have the cream that furnishes just the right amount of oil for the dry, light skin that soon becomes drawn and wrinkled. To be possessed of a beautiful complexion, you must keep the skin well fed of those health promoting oils which are found blended in Garden Court Cold Cream. Dainty cleansing, nourishing cosmetic that clears each tiny pore of dust and dirt and assists nature in keeping the skin soft and white. Builds up the skin tissues, prevents blackheads and facial blemishes. Perfumed with Garden Court’s 32 flowers. Packed in artistic jars. 50 cents the jar.”

Garden Court Benzoin & Almond Cream: “This fragrant liquid cream contains benzoin with the soothing healing oil of almonds, quickly softens and healed roughened and irritated skin. Ladies like it because it keeps the hands and face soft and velvety. Men find it a delightful after shaving lotion. Particularly recommended to prevent chapping, sunburn, and windburn. Price 50 cents.”

Garden Court Talcum: “Made from pure Italian Talc, is misty fine of a delicate fragrance. A splendid deodorizer and an antiseptic. Men prefer it to any other after shaving. In attractive tin, 25 cents or in a beautiful glass bottle with leak proof sifter top, fifty cents.”

Garden Court Coconut Shampoo Cream: “It is just what the name implies. Cleanses the scalp thoroughly and prevents the formation of dandruff and gives luster to the hair. 50 cents.”

Garden Court Compacts: “Are encased in beautiful gold plated vanities with hinged cover, dainty mirror and puff. Garden Court quality throughout.

  • Rouge…………………………50c
  • Powder………………………..50c
  • Single Compact………………$1.00
  • Double Rouge and Powder…….$1.50”

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