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Ben Hur by Jergens c1904

The Andrew Jergens Company of Cincinnati, developed a Ben-Hur line of toiletries in 1904. Based on the title of a bestselling novel by Lew Wallace from 1880, a high grossing Broadway production from 1898, and later, a silent movie.

Ben Hur Perfume was very popular, inexpensive and made in the thousands, even soaps and a face powder were infused with the perfume and sold by Jergens.

Other products include: colognes, toilet waters, sachets, talcum powders, bath salts, bath oils, body lotions, cleansing creams, and personal deodorants.

The perfumes were housed in various bottles over the years.

Fragrance Composition:

 If beauty had a scent of its own, it would be that of Ben Hur, the 1904 fragrance that brings to mind the unforgettable allure of a rose garden. With subtle top notes of ylang-ylang and base notes of tonka, this sweet musky scent is always captivating and never overpowering.

So what does it smell like? It is classified as a floral fragrance for women.
  • Top notes of ylang-ylang
  • Heart notes of rose
  • Base notes of tonka bean

Fate of the Fragrance:

 Inexpensive and often found at five and dime stores like Woolworth, Ben Hur Perfume continued to be sold into the 1930s in the Sears & Montgomery Ward catalogs. In 1925, in connection with the silent movie by MGM, Ben Hur perfume was advertised by Carmel Myers, in the form of a blotter impregnated with the perfume, which slipped protectively inside of a waxed envelope. In one 1926 ad, Ramon Novarro, dressed as Judah, urges American females to try Ben-Hur perfume.

Discontinued, date unknown. Another company, Brocard et Cie, brought out their own Ben Hur perfume, launched in the early 1900s.

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