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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Andrée Biallôt

Andrée Biallôt, Ltd., 65 East 55th Street, NY, NY. established in 1966.

According to his 1991 obituary, Thomas M. Biallo, an executive in the perfume industry was president of a perfume supplier in Manhattan, Camilli, Albert & Laloue, from 1949 to 1962. He then became a director of International Flavors and Fragrances Inc., perfume suppliers.

In the mid-1960's, he founded his own company named after his daughter (Suzanne Andree Biallot), Andree Biallot Ltd., a natural extracts and raw materials concern in Manhattan who manufactured and distributed oils used in perfume, of which he was president. He retired in 1987, after an earlier stroke.

He was born in Brussels and came to the United States in 1946. He was a graduate of Cambridge University. Thomas died at New York Hospital as a result of a stroke at the age of 66, and besides his daughter, he was survived by his wife, the former Marion Hutchinson. Suzanne Andree Biallot was a former beauty and health editor at Elle and Town & Country magazines.

The company seemed to have ceased operations in the mid 1980s, but there is scant info, if anyone has anything to add here, I would be grateful.


Andrée Biallôt was dissatisfied with the way that alcohol evaporates swiftly and overwhelms the nose with a burst of fragrance, and then...nothing. He stated that he heard women complaining time after time that they couldn't smell their own perfume after the first few minutes.

So, Biallôt wanted to create a perfume that “would be like the flowers of the field, releasing its bouquet, not in a short-lived burst, but slowly and gently and steadily throughout the day. And so, no alcohol. In its place, something quite different.”

The premise of these perfumes is that they were created without using alcohol as an ingredient which would normally give the perfume a lift, but didn't help with the perfume's longevity on the skin. Partout was the name he gave to the perfume of an innovative foam format, which was a secret formula composed up of an extremely high concentration of essential oils. The Partout perfumes would act more like skin scents that would last all day and into the night.

The etui was Andrée Biallôt’s own design, a tall, eight-sided, satin finished aluminum atomizer that used the principle of aerosol which would dispense a liquid pouf of scented foam the size of a large pearl onto the skin. Then you would gently massage the perfumed bubble into the skin, and as the skin breathed, tiny fragrance blossoms would be set free to bloom in the air. This perfume also doubled as a bath oil.

For fear of women wary of using the non-alcoholic formula, Andrée Biallôt also produced Sue Sue and Fanfaron in the traditional way using alcohol.

The fragrances were available in the following:
  • 1/4 oz. Parfum Spray (non-alcoholic) for $12.50 
  • 2 oz. Parfum Spray for $30.00 
  • 2 oz Parfum Spray Refill for $22.00

The two fragrances from the Partout line:
  • 1968 Sue Sue, a light, fresh green floral fragrance for women.
  • 1968 Fanfaron, a cool, sophisticated floral fragrance for women.

Unfortunately, I do not have any notes on these particular fragrances and need samples for review.

Due to financial difficulties, the Andrée Biallôt, Ltd company was reorganized in 1971.

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