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Ballarde, Inc

Ballarde, Inc of Paris and New York was established by Martin de Markoff; launched a range of fragrances between 1930 and 1945.

The name Arcadi was probably derived from Arcadi Ivanovitch, Count Markoff.

The original Arcadi was described as a floral perfume with a dominant fern note.

The fragrances of Ballarde:
  • 1933 Arcadi (presented in a flacon by Cristalleries de Baccarat design # 741)
  • 1935 Le Charme d’Arcadi
  • 1935 L’Automne en Arcadi
  • 1935 L’Été en Arcadi
  • 1936 Le Magnolia d'Arcadi
  • 1936 Le Muguet d'Arcadi  
  • 1936 Le Tuberosa d'Arcadi  
  • 1936 Cologne Elixir Prince George of Russia
  • 1944 Alexa

The New Yorker, 1934:
"De Markoff's Toilet Essence, which is a cross between perfume and eau de Cologne, and the new Ballarde perfume called Arcadi — light and flowery."
Stage, 1935:
"BlGGEST BOTTLE OF PERFUME We've ever seen in our life is at De Markhoff's — it's a larger-than-quart flask, made by Baccarat, holding Ballarde's Arcadi perfume and costs $275. "

The New Yorker, 1935:
"Ballarde: Satin-covered cylinders contain Arcadi perfumes — Charme, L'Ete, Le Printemps, and L'Automne; $1.50. All luscious floral blends. Larger sizes, too."
The Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 1935:
"RARE PERFUMES. GLAMOUR IMPRISONED IN CRYSTAL! . when you give her precious, priceless gifts of personal glamour, an aura that surrounds her with new charm. We suggest Guerlain's "Shalimar" or Ballarde's "Arcadi" . . . two rare scents that whisper to her "You're the tops!" (Street Floor). Guerlain's Shalimar $23.07 Ballarde's Arcadi $32."

The Ogden Standard-Examiner, 1935:
"Perfume Spectacular! Ballarde Arcadi: Charme, L'Automne, L'Ete, ' Le Printemps."

The Delineator, 1935:
"Choosing a perfume for somebody else is risky, therefore consider those perfume sets which give you several chances to go ...De Markoff scores a scoop with a set of four Ballarde perfumes. You may select two or three or one as your feelings and your purse dictate."
The New Yorker - Volume 12, 1936:
"Lord & Taylor have a large assortment of Myrurgia perfumes, which are very Spanish and special indeed. Clavel is a heavy and superb carnation; the ... Ballarde offers magno-lia, tuberose, and muguet. Reta Terrell's Russian White Violet (new) is too wonderful...Lubin : Mekong, sort of a sachet type of perfume."

Stage, 1936:
"Royalty seems to be on a cosmetic vibration this year anyway; witness the new Ballarde perfume, do-ne up in a handsome black carafe, and called "Elixir Prince George of Russi-a."

Drug and Cosmetic Industry - Volume 41, 1937:
"Lait de Cologne is said to be non-alcoholic and is recommended for after shaving and after bathing. One of the most interesting Cologne packages to make its appearance this year is Ballarde's Cologne Elixir Prince George of Russia."

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