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Jean-Paul Giraud et Fils

Jean Giraud et Fils, established in 1853 as Giraud Freres, later known as J. Giraud Son, acquired by various essential oils producers in Grasse: such as Honore Joseph Sozio, changed name to J. Giraud Fils in 1900. They had wide exports to South America. Products sub-titled 'Principle of Flowers''


 The perfumes of Giraud et Fils:
  • 1890 Essence Concentrée L'Iris Blanc
  • 1890 Lavande des Alpes
  • 1900 Eau de Cologne Ambrée (an oriental fragrance)
  • 1906 Parfum Rêvé 
  • 1906 Fleur de Lavande
  • 1906 Fleur de Muguet
  • 1906 Fleur de Violette
  • 1906 Fleurs de Rose
  • 1906 Genêt de Estérel
  • 1906 Rosat-Genium
  • 1910 Fleur de Jonquille
  • 1910 Fleur de Giroflee
  • 1911 Fleur Mimosa
  • 1912 Dans les Nues
  • 1916 White Lilac (Lilas Blanc)
  • 1916 White Rose (Rose Blanc)
  • 1916 Musc
  • 1916 La Riviera
  • 1916 Le Jasmin
  • 1916 Ess. Bouquet
  • 1916 Mt. Blanc Bouquet
  • 1916 Ylang Ylang
  • 1917 Bouquet Egyptien
  • 1918 Mariana  
  • 1919 Le Cyclamen
  • 1919 Veraflor 
  • 1920 Aux Fleurs de Jasmin
  • 1920 Eau de Cologne Supérieure
  • 1920 Eau de Rose Concentrée
  • 1920 Folavril
  • 1920 Frago
  • 1920 Les Fleurs de Nice
  • 1920 Madapril
  • 1920 Mystèriose
  • 1920 Japtis Parfum
  • 1920 Idilio
  • 1920 Odorantis
  • 1920 Parfum Cassiris
  • 1922 L’Ambré
  • 1922 La Rose
  • 1922 La Violette
  • 1922 Le Chypre
  • 1922 Le Cougourdon Provencia
  • 1922 Royal Bouquet
  • 1922 En Nue
  • 1922 Lysmina
  • 1922 L’Œillet
  • 1923 Maflor
  • 1926 Brisolia
  • 1926 La Soirée
  • 1927 Saga-Zain
  • 1932 Fils Orana
  • 1932 Orana
  • Au Muguet des Alpés
  • Bandoline aux Fleurs (hair groom)
  • Blanch
  • Cattleya
  • Cuir de Russe
  • Cupidon
  • Eau de Toilette aux Violettes d'Italie
  • Elder Flower Water
  • Enticing Perfumes
  • Floretta
  • Fougère en France
  • Rencontre
  • Rodoll
  • Vridiflor Fougère

Chemist and Druggist, 1889:
"The essential oils and pomades of M. Jean Giraud Fils of Grasse are not unfamiliar in the English markets or in Australasia the firm having been awarded a high distinction at last year's Melbourne Exhibition. In Paris also, M. Giraud Fils has a tasteful and rich exhibit not only of raw products but likewise of prepared toilet waters, eau de Cologne, and other put up goods, in fact, when the firm was first established some thirty two years ago, its business, we believe, was that of manufacturing perfumers, and the distilling business, which now appears to be the principal branch, was afterwards added to it. Now, the establishment at Grasse is stated to be fitted with all the newest distilling and pressing machinery, and with a freezing apparatus by means of which, extracts by subjecting them to a very low temperature, are freed from any adhering fatty parts, which would render them cloudy in a cold climate. The distillation of scented woods, and the preparation of sachet powders also fall within the scope of M. Giraud's business, and we understand that all the cases in which his goods are exported are manufactured on the premises of the firm. 


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