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Princess Pat Cosmetics & Perfumes

Princess Pat LTD, established in 1921 by Patricia FB Gordon,who was the president of the company,  later traded under the names "Gordon & Gordon" and finally  "House of Gordon'".

Registration No. 146,236, granted September 6, 1921 for the trademark Princess Pat, and republished October 30, 1951 .

Princess Pat, LTD was a company manufacturing cosmetics, beauty preparations and perfumes during the 1920s and 1930s. They were located at 2701-9 South Wells Street, Chicago, Ill. Their labels were very high Art Deco and made I colors of red and black. Pieces will be marked “Princess Pat" with a design including a crown and a medallion bearing a profile of a woman's head, as a trade-mark.

The company produced various toiletries including: perfumes, toilet water, face powder, talcum powder, face creams, cold cream, brilliantine, skin food cream, rouges, sachet-powders, lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, hair tonics, scalp ointments, shampoos, eye-brow-growers, liquid face powders, nail polishes, cuticle remover, liquid ice astringent skin freshener tonic, nail bleaches, cuticle salves, hand lotions, deodorizers, depilatories, real human hair nets, nylon hair nets, and bath salts.

 Princess Pat lipsticks held the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

The more important customers of Princess Pat cosmetics were Marshall Field, Mandel Brothers, Carson Pirie Scott & Company, Bloomingdale, Macy's, May Company, Walgreen, Whelan, Stineway Drug Company, Broadway Department Store, and practically every worthwhile store in the United States and Canada, Simpson's Eaton's, Sanborn's in Mexico, and all over the world, even in Brazil.

The Gordon & Gordon Company produced a line called “Mem’ry” and included vanishing cream, freckle cream (a skin bleach), hair tonic, beautifier, nail polish, cuticle remover, beauty night cream. Gordon & Gordon's logo was a stained styled glass peacock on their fancy Art Deco labels. Arch R. Everson served as general manager for Gordon & Gordon in the late 1920s after serving as general manager for cosmetics powerhouse, the Melba Manufacturing Company.

The House of Gordon released one fragrance that I know of,  Reminisce in 1945.

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