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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Gerly Parfumeur of Hollywood

Of 6705 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, California; also reported as Ferly.

Gerly produced perfumes that were sold under the names of some of the most famous film stars of the day such as Leila Hymans, Anita Page, Joan Crawford, Bessie Love, Raquel Torres and Renee Adoree. Other perfumes were sold with female first names such as Claudette, which may be a nod to Claudette Colbert.

The fragrances of Gerly:
  • 1930 Mon Hymans by Leila Hymans
  • 1930 Mon Page by Anita Page
  • 1930 Mon Love by Bessie Love
  • 1930 Mon Torres by Raquel Torres
  • 1930 Mon Adorée by Renée Adorée
  • 1930 Amour de Airette
  • 1930 Audrey
  • 1930 B'Loved Gerly
  • 1930 Bouquet de France
  • 1930 Carolyn
  • 1930 Celui Que J'aime
  • 1930 Chypre de Gerly
  • 1930 Claudette
  • 1930 Dernier Cri
  • 1930 Fleurs Printanierez
  • 1930 Gardenia de Gerly
  • 1930 Idole du Jour
  • 1930 Jasmine /Jasmin
  • 1930 Kathryn
  • 1930 Le Songe de Merna
  • 1930 Leilad
  • 1930 L'Espirit du La Danse
  • 1930 Lilian
  • 1930 Liska
  • 1930 Little Orchid
  • 1930 Marjorie
  • 1930 Mimi
  • 1930 Musc d'Arabie
  • 1930 Pois de Senteur /Sweet Pea
  • 1930 Scent from Hollywood
  • 1930 Scheherazade
  • 1930 Sous Bois
  • 1930 Astral
  • 1930 Rendezvous
  • 1930 Fascination  
  • 1933 Sonata
  • 1933 L’Heure Exquise (exquisite hour)
  • 1933 Gerly's Deese (goddess)
  • 1933 Rêve d’Amour (dream of love)
  • 1933 La Premaveia (La Primavera) (springtime)
  • 1933 Nuite d’Été (Nuit d'Ete) (summer night)
  • 1933 Idole (idol)
  • 1933 Petale Noir
  • 1933 Toujours L'Amour
  • 1933 Joan Crawford
  • 1934 Tendresse
  • 1954 Chere Amie
  • Fleurs de Montmartré
  • Mardi Gras
  • Movie Star

Motion Picture, Volume 43, 1932:
"Smell FRUITY odor of "Mon Page," Anita Page's personally blended perfume by Gerly."

Deseret News, 1933:
"Introducing Gerly Perfumes. The most exclusive line of French perfumes now sold by ZCMI Toilet Goods Dept. Gerly Perfumes are imported direct from Paris, they are highly concentrated odeurs, each one alluringly romantic. Sold in the original package or by the dram."

Chain Store Age, Volume 11, 1935:
"GERLY PERFUMES, product of Howe Company, Hollywood, Calif., are now being distributed in the territory east of the Rocky Mountains by Merz- Mihm Company, 38 West 32nd Street, New York City. "

Drug and Cosmetic Industry, Volume 38, 1936:
"Armstrong's Artmold Caps add the finishing touch of dainty design to these new "Gerly" perfume packages as well as provide secure seals that protect product quality from the factory to the home. "

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