Thursday, March 12, 2015

Parfums Lalanne

Parfums Lalanne was established by Charles Lalanne at 104 rue Faubourg-Saint-Honore, Paris.

Charles Lalanne originally had a beauty salon located at 3 rue d'Aguesseau and established Parfums Lalanne later, probably around 1919 or so. This short-lived company produced not only perfumes, but cosmetics, perfumed soap, hair care products and toiletries before being acquired by Academié Scientifique de Beauté in 1933.

  • 1905 - Charles Lalanne Salon located at 3 rue d'Aguesseau 
  • 1907 - Charles Lalanne Salon moved to 100 rue Faubourg, Saint-Honore, Paris
  • 1910 - Parfums Lalanne established at 104 rue Faubourg-Saint-Honore, Paris. 
  • 1933 - Sold to Academié Scientifique de Beauté 

Charles Lalanne patented several types of hair waving apparatuses, hair tinting processes, wig making and other products in the 1910s-1920s. An unusual product was a "Barrette parfumée", which sounds like it was some sort of hair barette that could be perfumed.

In the 1920s, Parfums Lalanne was imported in the USA by Hartour company of Boston, Mass., who also imported other French perfume brands such as Fioret.

Fragrance list:

  • 1913 Fraisy (a line of cream, face powder and soap)
  • 1919 Ambre des Roi
  • 1920 Le Jardin Ferme
  • 1920 Le Bonheur qui passe
  • 1920 Suivez ma Route
  • 1920 Coeur de Gitane
  • 1920 Corsaire
  • 1920 Heure Tendre
  • 1920 Intimite
  • 1920 L'oeillet
  • 1920 Mia Flor
  • 1920 Le foin Coupe
  • 1920 Mes Orchidees
  • 1920 

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