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Monday, January 4, 2016


Halston (pronounced HALL'-STON).

Established by fashion designer Roy Halston Frowick (1932-1990) in Des Moines; started as a milliner. There is tons of info on Halston online, so I won't go into that here, but I will concentrate on his fragrances.

Halston is best known for Halston for Women, launched in 1974, was the first fragrance designed by the very same man who created Jackie Kennedy's internationally famous pillbox hat. A pretty, intricate, interesting fragrance, it came in a revolutionary asymmetrical bottle designed by Halston and Elsa Peretti (the noted jewelry designed for Tiffany).

The Bulletin, 1989:
"At their peak, the Halston fragrances alone were reported to make an estimated $80 million a year."

Halston's fragrance lines were owned by various companies over the years. To help clear up confusion, I have created a handy timeline to help date your bottles.

Halston Fragrances Timeline:

  • 1974 Halston Fragrances, Inc. was created.
  • In 1981, we see the name Parfums Halston being used up until around 1990.
  • 1983 Halston Fragrances was licensed to JC Penney and was a division of Playtex International.
  • 1986 Halston Fragrances, Inc was acquired by the Revlon Group and fragrances were reformulated. 
  • 1987 Halston Fragrances are now marketed under Revlon's Prestige Fragrances, Ltd. Division. These items will be marked with "HALSTON ® ©Prestige Fragrances, Ltd. Dist. New York"
  • 1991 Both the Halston and Princess Marcella Borghese lines were acquired by Saudi Arabian investors, four unnamed brothers who formed a new company called Halston Borghese International Ltd, in 1992. Fragrances were most likely reformulated. These items will be marketed with the following "Made for © Halston Fragrances New York, New York, 10153London" Other times you may find the words "Halston Enterprises, Inc.", "Halston Fragrances, Distr. New York, New York 10036."
  • 1996 The Halston fragrances were acquired by French Fragrances and reformulated. These fragrances will be marketed under the "French Fragrances, Inc," name. You may also see it worded as "FFI Fragrance International Inc."
  • 1999 French Fragrances acquired Unilever's Elizabeth Arden.
  • 2001 French Fragrances changes its name to Elizabeth Arden, Inc. and reformulated fragrances again will be marked with "EA Fragrances Co."
  • 2008 brand relaunched with updated fragrances.


  • 1974 Halston For Women (Halston Classic)
  • 1974 Halston Z-14
  • 1976 Halston 1-12
  • 1980 Halston Night
  • 1983 Halston 101
  • 1987 Halston Couture
  • 1987 Halston Limited
  • 1993 Catalyst
  • 1994 Catalyst for Men
  • 1998 Halston Sheer 
  • 1998 Halston Z
  • 2001 Unbound
  • 2002 Unbound for Men
  • 2009 Halston Man
  • 2009 Halston Woman
  • 2010 Halston Man Amber
  • 2010 Halston Woman Amber


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