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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Parfums Raffy

Parfums Raffy was established in 1918 by Marcel J. Raffy, a Franco-American (1901-1934), of 156 East 45 St. New York.

c1930 ad

Interesting note: Raffy was an American company for which Marcel sought to suggest French origins, even so much as to using false Parisian addresses for export to the USA. 

He was subsequently sued by French perfumers association for having used a fictitious Paris address.

Used false addresses such as 6 West 28th St, NY; also Parisian address; such as 82 rue Lafayette, Paris and 21 rue Beranger, Paris

I believe that there may have been some sort of connection to Marcel Raffy and Parfums Massenet. Massenet launched Rhapsodie in a similar bottle.

The perfumes of Marcel Raffy:

  • 1919 Rhapsodie
  • 1920 Royal de Raffy
  • 1920 Sweet Pea
  • 1923 Adam et Eve (a floral perfume)
  • 1924 Parfum X
  • 1925 Bel Amour
  • 1925 Bouquet de Monte Carlo
  • 1926 Gardenia Bleu
  • 1926 Tour d'Eiffel
  • 1927 Voici Paris
  • 1927 Lilac 
  • 1927 Chypre
  • 1927 Narcisse
  • 1927 Muguet
  • 1927 Jasmin
  • 1927 Orchidee
  • 1927 Gardenia
  • 1927 Rose
  • 1927 Sweet Pea
  • 1928 Parfum Futuris
  • 1929 Les Rubis
  • 1929 Melodie
  • 1929 Rapsodie, relaunch
  • 1930 Secret de Satan
  • 1930 Oro
  • 1930 Shanghai
  • 1930 Parfum R
  • 1930 Tulipe
  • 1930 Paris Folies
  • 1930 Nuit Bleue
  • 1930 Encens Oriental
  • 1931 Parfum Riche
  • 1934 Petals of Brittany
  • 1938 Sensation
  • 1941 Leda
  • Risqué
  • Seduction

Gallery of Perfume Bottles:


The beautiful bottle used for Shanghai is arch shaped and molded with a mirror image of mythological creatures. The frosted glass bottle has an opaque black glass stopper. The bottle stands 3 7/8" tall by 3 1/4" wide.

The bottle was designed by Julien Viard and manufactured by Depinoix. This bottle was originally used by Ysiane in 1927 for their perfume Saturnale, which was rebranded Shanghai by Raffy and released in 1930. When used by Raffy, the Raffy name will be molded into the base.


One of the bottles used for Chypre was made up of clear glass molded with a rippled texture that resembled tree bark. It has a little glass stopper with a centrally placed button with evenly spaced ribs radiating downwards. The bottle has a small round embossed gold paper label. The bottle stands 4" tall and 2 5/8" wide. It originally held 2 oz of extrait (parfum) in various scents: Chypre, Sweet Pea, Orchidee, and Jasmin. The bottle was housed in a golden, rectangular presentation box that features the same label on the bottle.

Voici Paris:

The bottle for Voici Paris is clear glass, disk shaped and has a molded malachite green slag glass flower stopper. It came in two sizes. The bottom of the bottle is marked RAFFY.

Gardenia Bleu:

This beautiful bottle was created by Andre Jollivet. Bottle was used for other Raffy perfumes such as Melodie. The bottle is made of clear glass with a bell shaped base, with a figural stopper of a singing Pierrot molded out of vivid electric blue glass. The bottle stands about 5.25" tall.

Adam et Eve:

The bottle used for the Adam et Eve parfum  is made up of opaque black glass and features a small button shaped black glass stopper with a cork plug. The front of the bottle has an embossed gold foil label down the center. The bottle was housed in a triangular shaped presentation case or rectangular boxes.

The bottle was available in four sizes:
  • 16 oz? Largest $10.00
  • 8 oz? Large $5.00 size
  • 4 oz? Medium $3.00 size
  • 2 oz? Miniature $1.50 size
  • 2 oz perfume
  • 4 oz toilet water
  • 8 oz toilet water

  • The Largest size Eau de Toilette bottle stands 6" tall x about 3.75" wide.
  • The Large size ($5.00) bottle stands 5.75" tall.
  • The Medium size bottle stands 3.25"tall x 2.25" wide
  • The Miniature Perfume bottle stands 2.5" tall

A gorgeous jade green opaque glass bottle was used for the talcum powder, it has a Art Deco starburst motif on the front with a gold foil label in the center. This bottle stands 5" tall.

Adam et Eve was available in other toiletries too: bath salts, cold cream, face powder, rouge, compacts, vanishing cream and lipstick.



This beautiful perfume bottle has a long, graceful neck and a wide, bulbous base enhanced with molded details of ribbing. It has a domed glass stopper. The bottle stands approximately 9" tall and 3 1/4"wide at the middle of the bas. It has an embossed gold foil label with the Raffy name and the perfume name Narcisse on a separate label underneath. The bottle is unmarked as to manufacturer. I believe that this bottle may have been used for other scents by Raffy such as Sweet Pea, Chypre, Gardenia, and Jasmin.


 The shell shaped bottles are very charming and were used for the Eau de Toilettes. The bottle held various scents: Gardenia, Melodie, Rapsodie, Jasmin, Sweet Pea, Chypre and Jasmin.

The bottle was made in two versions, each has a different stopper style and design.

The fiery opalescent glass stopper, has an ornate scrolling design along the rim with one large circle in the center which reminds me of a pearl, which goes along with the shell theme of the bottle. The green glass stopper features a scroll design around the rim with four large raised circles in the center.

The bottle was available in three sizes:
  • 4 oz with an opalescent stopper
  • 8 oz with a green glass stopper
  • 16 oz with a green glass stopper

Sweet Pea:

This square crystal bottle has a large electric blue frosted glass stopper molded with an abstract floral motif. The bottle stands 4" tall x 2" square and has a simple foil label, it is unmarked as to manufacturer. I believe that this bottle may have been used for other scents by Raffy such as Narcisse, Chypre, Gardenia, and Jasmin.

Parfum Riche:

Parfum Riche: This is the re-branded fragrance 'Petals of Brittany' by Riviere.

Parfum Riche, photo by Rago Arts


Parfum Royal:

Parfum Royal was contained in a cut crystal Baccarat bottle. This is very rare to find and even rarer to find with it's presentation box as shown below. I believe that this bottle was also used for the perfume Paris Folies, Jasmin and Chypre by Raffy (a 1930 advertisement mentions that these perfumes are contained in a Baccarat flacon, this is the only known Baccarat flacon used by Raffy).

Petals of Brittany:

 The bottle used for Petals of Brittany is trilobed and is made up of frosted glass. It almost resembles a butterfly with outstretched wings. The frosted glass stopper is molded with "Petals of Brittany>" The bottle stands 3" tall and is not marked as to manufacturer. The perfume was originally named Petals of Brittany by Jules Riviere, but rebranded Parfum Riche by Marcel Raffy.

Petals of Brittany, photo by ebay seller irene7908

Tour d'Eiffel:

The Tour d'Eiffel perfume was housed in an actual Eiffel Tower shaped bottle. The perfume retailed for $25 in 1926.

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