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Friday, May 3, 2013

Parfums Raphael

Parfums Raphael was established by Raphaël Lopez at 3 avenue George V, Paris in 1930.

The Raphael logo was designed by Marty. The perfumes were distributed in US in 1952 by Charles J. Oppenheim Jr., chairman of Jay Thorpe Inc. who headed Parfums Marcy.

In 1966, Revlon extended its line of programs by purchasing Parfums Marcy for 26, 136 shares of common stock. Foreign rights to Raphael products were purchased with cash. Parfums Marcy produced Replique and Plaisir.

Printer's Ink, 1966:
"The Replique line of perfume, toilet water, bath oil, soap and dusting powder is made by Raphael of France and imported and distributed exclusively in the United States by Parfums Marcy Inc. of New York, which also handles the Plaisir line .."

The Perfumes of Raphael:
  • 1936 Replique
  • 1944 Cynique
  • 1944 Feu De Paille
  • 1946 Volontiers
  • 1946 Tubéreuse
  • 1946 Raph
  • 1953 Demon
  • 1956 Plaisir
  • 1957 Whisky
  • Fornarina
  • R
  • Raphaël for Men
  • Raphaël

The most commonly found perfume is Replique, followed by Plaisir. The rarest of all to find is Cynique, Demon, Raph, Feu de Paille, Tubéreuse, Demon and Volontiers. In all my years of collecting, I have only seen one bottle of Cynique and one of Tubereuse, they were in the same bottle used for Replique and Plaisir.

Plaisir by Raphael was launched in 1956. Created by Pierre Blaizot. The parfum sold for $22.50 an ounce in 1959. Plaisir is classified as an oriental perfume blended with aldehydes, rose, jasmine, green notes, spices, woodsy notes, vanilla, musk and amber. Plaisir was still being sold in 1971.

Replique and Plaisir were both available in parfum, eau de toilette (toilet water), bath oil, talc, soap and dusting powder.

Replique, Plaisir, and Demon were available in four sizes: purse mini, 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz and 4 oz.

Demon was offered to patrons at the Lido. It has a base of roses and jasmine. It is a very rare perfume to find, however, in some cases, you might find it in a three piece coffret from the 1950s, alongside a bottle of Replique and Plaisir. It was still being sold in 1958.

Signature fragrance Réplique (pronounced RAY-PLEEK') was launched in 1936 in France, and in the USA in 1946. Revlon released Replique in 1966 in a new reformulation, but still used the name Raphael.  

Mademoiselle, 1976:
"Replique by Raphael — as all its devotees know — is flowery, sparkly, vivacious— and even more so now that Revlon has reformulated it.. given it a sort of fragrance- lift, you might say . and brought it out in batch of new formats. Including a rich, perfumed body cream."

House Beautiful, 1977:
"Revlon - Replique burns from a red candle in a large heart-shaped white porcelain box with bold red and blue flowers ($12) or from a pair of smaller heart boxes in the same design ($9.50 the pair). These make marvelous trinket boxes."

If your box is sealed and you don't know what the bottle looks like or what size the bottle is, here is a quick guide to the reference numbers on the packaging:

  • Ref. 601 - 1 oz Parfum Replique
  • Ref.  600 - 1/2 oz Parfum Replique
  • Ref. TPM - 1/4 oz Parfum Replique
  • Ref. TPM - 1/4 oz Parfum Replique
  • Ref. 1002 - 3/4 oz Parfum Set of 3 (Satin lined case)

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