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Parfums Jacques Griffe

Jacques Griffe (b. 1917): born in Carcassonne, France; having spent three years with Vionnet, he became a master of construction, especially in handling the bias cut; established a boutique and ready-to-wear range.

Jacques Griffe was bom in Carcassonne in 1910. He started his career training with a tailor, then worked with Madeleine Vionnet for a few years before opening his own house in the 1940s. He loved strong colors and fabrics

Jacques Griffe had three direct lines of influence: (1) His mother, a talented milliner; (2) Madeleine Vion- net, from whom he learned; and (3) Captain Molyneux, whom he succeeded.

The fragrances of Jacques Griffe:
  • 1935 Norante 
  • 1949 Griffonage
  • 1953 Mistigri (spicy, warm perfume)
  • 1957 Grilou (oriental)
  • 1960 Enthousiasme 1 (spicy/dry floral chypre)
  • Enthousiasme 2

The New Yorker, 1955:
"Jacques Griffe's spicy Mistigri is now around in an eau de toilette; $5.50 for a four-and-a-quarter-ounce bottle, at Bonwit Teller and Lord & Taylor."

Harper's Bazaar, 1955;
""Accomplice" by Coty — a fresh stirring of the sweet and the spicy, with warm results. One ounce, $10.* Jacques Griffe's "Mistigri," gay and mischievous, named for a fabled French cat."

Cue, 1957:
"And another couturier, Jacques Griffe. is competing in the fragrance sweepstakes with Mistigri (which means "cat"!)"

The New Yorker, 1957:
"It's a fine perfume for grown women, and so is Jacques Griffe's promising new entry, Grilou (Bonwit Teller), which starts at $5.50, for a quarter ounce, and goes to $49.50, for two ounces."

Fodor's France, 1958
"Jacques Griffe. "Griffonage," "Mistigri," and "Grilou" are three notable offerings of this house; warm, tenacious, and youthful,"

Fodor's France, 1970:
 Jacques Griffe, "Griffonnage" (warm); "Mistigri" (tenacious). 

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