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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Charbert Perfumes

Parfums Charbert, Inc, of 730 5th Ave. New York. Founded by William Gaxton and Herbert Harris as Parfums Charbert in 1933, which made perfumes and cosmetics for the American middle market. Many of its perfumes were featured in drum shaped flacons (its trademark).

A New York firm founded by William Gaxton and Herbert Harris as Parfums Charbert in 1933, which made perfumes and cosmetics for the American middle market. Many of its perfumes were featured in drum shaped flacons (its trademark).

De Toi Je Chante (Of Thee I Sing) De Toi Je Chante (Of Thee I Sing) which debuted in 1933. This perfume was named after the 1931 Broadway musical, “Of Thee I Sing” which starred Charbert’s vice president William Glaxton, reputed to be the richest actor in NYC at the beginning of the Depression. This perfume was originally contained in a Czech Ingrid bottle features a nude in frosted relief. Of Thee I Sing was also available in a men's version, which included after shave lotion and talcum powder.

 Sunday Herald, May 21, 1950:
“William Gaxton,  stage, screen and radio star has sold out his interests in Charbert, Inc, a perfume manufacturing concern he helped organize. The comedian turned over his stock to Jacqueline Cochrane, cosmetics firm head and pioneer aviatrix.” 

Charbert created over 200 toiletry products, such as perfumes, dusting powder, talcum, bath salts, toilet waters, bath goods, face powders, lipsticks and cosmetics. Charbert closed its doors around 1963/1964.

The perfumes of Charbert:
  • 1933 Breathless (heady oriental and woody-mossy-leafy, similar to Dana's Tabu, but lighter)
  • 1933 De toi je chante (Of Thee I Sing)  (light and feminine aldehydic spicy floral)
  • 1933 Of Thee I Sing men's fragrance
  • 1933 Notre Eleanor
  • 1935 Drumbeat (rich and heavy)
  • 1935 Grand Prix de Paris
  • 1935 Gardenia
  • 1936 Drumstick Set presentation
  • 1936 Carnation
  • 1936 Amber
  • 1936 Yours Sincerely (a woodsy fragrance)
  • 1937 Bridle Path
  • 1937 "21 W 52"
  • 1937 Skyline
  • 1938 Grand Prix (a spicy floral perfume)
  • 1939 Mimosa
  • 1939 Grand Perfume
  • 1939 Mountain Greenery
  • 1939 Three Cheers Eau de Cologne presentation (A miniature cardboard White House)
  • 1939 Major Drum Set presentation (compact, perfume, lipstick)
  • 1939 Flower Garden presentation (holds 3 perfumes)
  • 1939 Tisket-A Basket presentation (holds 2 floral perfumes and Of Thee I Sing perfume)
  • 1940 Hold Everything (possibly a presentation)
  • 1940 Gaiety
  • 1940 Amber (amber and musk perfume)
  • 1940 Cologne Corsage
  • 1940 Deep Lilac
  • 1940 Cologne Bouquet
  • 1940 Trumpet Set presentation
  • 1941 Expressly Yours (possibly a presentation)
  • 1941 Junior Miss
  • 1941 Fabulous (a sweet and spicy perfume)
  • 1942 They're Off (possibly a presentation)
  • 1943 As You Were (possibly a presentation)
  • 1943 Tonight
  • 1945 "730"
  • 1945 Outrageous
  • 1945 Breathless
  • 1945 Indian Summer
  • 1945 Censored
  • 1945 Fabulous
  • 1945 High Spirits
  • 1945 Deep Purple
  • 1946 Amorous
  • 1947 French Touch (a floral perfume, touch of spice)
  • 1948 Let's Make Up (possibly a presentation)
  • 1948 Warning
  • 1951 Consent
  • 1952 Breathless Mist
  • 1953 Three Star Cast
  • 1954 Yours Sincerely
  • 1960 Imperial Russe


Gardenia by Charbert, very rare presentation from 1935 with perfume bottle covered in mirrors back by green foil, the stopper also features a mirror, and a large faceted glass faux emerald. The bottle is housed inside of a green velvet covered box fitted with a silken tassel and a stepped base.

About Face: a 1938 presentation for men with Of Thee I Sing Talcum and Of Thee I Sing After Shaving Lotion in a faux leather covered flask.

Let's Face It:  a 1940s presentation for men with Of Thee I Sing Talcum and Of Thee I Sing After Shaving Lotion

Snippets from vintage advertisements:

In 1937 Charbert's deluxe perfumes were presented in drum flacons for the perfect gift. Drumbeat, Of Thee I Sing, Gardenia and Carnation.

Charbert put his perfume, Grand Prix, in leather covered flasks or in miniature leather riding boots with spurs.

Charbert launched miniature wooden watering cans which held a small vial of perfume for Easter 1941 with baby flowers on top. This in a choice of practically all of Charbert's perfumes including Of Thee I Sing, Amber and Gardenia

Gardenia is a favorite scent with so many that Charbert has just brought out its excellent gardenia perfume in an eau de Cologne, handsomely bottled in a military drum like flask, with round gold stopper.

GRAND PRIX PERFUME by Charbert. "A fragrant award of tingling freshness. Captures the exciting spirit of thundering hoof beats . . . the pulse of heart beats. .."

Grand Prix Eau de Cologne by Charbert. ... "Conjures up visions of acres of nodding blossoms, the heady perfume of a beautiful June Day."

Charbert Amber. "Worldly wicked, wonderful. The perfume for night life. Deep, exciting musky scent that guarantees high voltage come-hither."

Charbert has the right spirit too, tucking his famous breathless perfume (and isn't it just?) into a transparent bonnet box.

Charbert Fabulous- "A magic potion in Perfume-can. spin a moment into a memory. Sweet sorcery for her."

Yours Sincerely by Charbert, a woodsy smell. Bottles are leather-bound. 

c1942 ad

c1942 ad

c1942 ad

c1942 ad

c1942 ad

c1942 ad

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