Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nettie Rosenstein Perfumes

Nettie Rosenstein of New York City.

The perfumes of Nettie Rosenstein:

  • 1946 After Hours
  • 1946 Odalisque (an oriental perfume)
  • 1948 Tianne (an aldehydic perfume)
  • 1961 Fleurs D'Elle
  • 1965 Mlle. Ghe

Tianne: a merry,  modern floral blend with a sparkling aldehydic top note and enhanced with woody notes and spices, brilliant and luxurious.

Odalisque:  Subtle,mysterious, sensitive, seductive. A light Oriental fragrance. A perfume of outer repose. and slumbering fire,sentimental as love itself . Nettie Rosenstein blends rose, jasmine and lily of the valley with woods and musk for a memory making fragrance. I believe this perfume was discontinued around 1985.

Fleurs d'Elle: is a rich lasting, perfume., warm and provocative as woman. Destined to be as loved as her. Elusive fascinating its beauty. keeps unfolding as it is worn just as a woman' s inner self is gradually revealed or as a flower slowly unfolds. petal by petal.

Mlle. Ghe: a new unforgettable fragrance created for the young at heart. For each drop is like a fantasy garden. Blended of Jasmine, musk and moonlight and perennial flowers. Very feminine a bit sophisticated.

In 1951, Nettie Rosenstein came out with a cute little perfume presentation for her perfumes Odalisque & Tianne. Little pocket containers are nestled in what looks like crushed ice in a real cocktail glass, around the glass is a spotted fabric bow, alluding to Nettie's profession as a dress designer. This presentation was called The Holiday Toast of Perfume.

In 1953, Nettie Rosenstein packaged her famous perfumes in the adorable "Tuck-Away" black velvet kit containing two heavenly scents, Tianne & Odalisque.

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