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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Les Parfums de Clamy, Creations d'Art

Established by Philippe de Back in Arcade des Champs-Elysées, Paris in 1913. The name was trademarked in 1900.  Full name of company 'Les Parfums de Clamy, Creations d'Art'.

Philippe Back de Surany (1860 Budapest - 1956 Paris), an Egyptologist, son of Maurice Back.
Branch Manager of the Cairo -Back Orosdi Institutions. He was Knighted by the Emperor of Austria in 1909.

Fabrique de parfumerie (Parfums de Clamy), 30, avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris, et usine à Asnières, 108, avenue d'Argenteuil. — Maison autrichienne. — M. Navarre, liquidateur.

The company produced luxury presentations featuring Lucien Gaillard bottles. Some of the bottles from 1915-1919 were decorated by the painters Robert and Sonia Delaunay, who were friends with Philippe and his wife.

In 1926, the business was directed by Philippe's youngest daughter, Germaine Carvaillo.

The business could not withstand the great Depression and closed in 1930, subsequently, they sold all of their remaining essential oils and materials to Guerlain. The business was acquired by Grenoville in 1943.

The perfumes of De Clamy:
  • 1913 Qui M’aime?
  • 1913 Femmes Ailees
  • 1914 Fleurs de Myrilla (a line)
  • 1914 Fleurs de Myrilla Jasmine
  • 1914 Fleurs de Myrilla Narcissus
  • 1914 Fleurs de Myrilla Hortensia
  • 1914 Fleurs de Parc (a line)
  • 1914 Fleurs de Parc Violet
  • 1914 Fleurs de Parc Rose
  • 1914 Fleurs de Parc Carnation
  • 1914 Fleurs de Parc Lilac
  • 1914 Fleurs de Parc Bouquet
  • 1914 Anthemis
  • 1915 Qui M'Aime
  • 1915 Perverse
  • 1919 Bleuet
  • 1920 Choisy
  • 1920 Sauvageonne
  • 1928 À Tire D’Ailes
  • 1929 Reve d'Almee
  • 1929 Dans les Airs
  • 1929 Ceuille Moi
  • Audé Diapée
  • Été
  • Eau de Cologne Fumeur
  • Taphne
  • Mourasaki
  • Charmant Aveu
  • Duc de Bragace
  • Pays des Fleurs
  • Eau de Cologne Fleuri

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