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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Richard D. Young Perfumery Co.

The Richard D. Young Perfumery Co. was located at 351 Broadway New York City, another address was listed at 100 William Street New York City.

Richard D. Young Perfumery Co of 45 Leonard Street New York.

Established 1888. Incorporated 1891.

  • AW Rice, President and Treasurer 

 Their trade-mark was a 'Y' in flour leaf-clover.

You can read more here on Richard D. Young and his association with Lundborg Perfumery as well as his part in the company Young, Ladd & Coffin.

Pharmaceutical Record and Weekly Market Review, Volume 10, 1890:
"Young's perfumes are continually gaining ground in finding new localities and purchasers, and it is claimed that their staying qualities both in business and persistence of odor are a certainty. Lily Bells and Wild Woodbine are new odors of very acceptable and popular character."

The Pharmaceutical Era, Volume 13, 1895:
"The Young Perfumery Co recently organized has no connection with Richard D. Young Perfumery Co, officers are President George Carra gan ,Vice President MR Cook, Treasurer HN Cook, Secretary WP Young, Richard D Young is the manager and the concern has temporary offices at No 144 Franklin Street."

Merck Report, Volume 5, 1896:
"RICHARD D. YOUNG PERFUMERY CO. The Richard D. Young Perfumery Company of No. 148 Duane Street is one of the bestknown concerns of the perfumery trade, and a short time ago, another firm known as the Young Perfumery Company applied to the Supreme Court for the appointment of a receiver. Immediately, a misapprehenslon as to the identity of the two houses arose in the trade, and caused some temporary annoyance to the Richard D. Young Perfumery Company. This concern is widely known and highly respected, and does a large business in all grades of perfumery, it ranks among the leading houses of the trade. As a flourishing commercial house, the Richard D. Young Perfumery Company owes much to the enterprise, and energetic management of its president, Mr A. W. Rice." 

Richard D. Young Perfumery Fragrance list:
  • 1888 Bouquet Araby
  • 1888 Prairie Wild
  • 1890 Lily-Bells
  • 1890 Persian Flowers
  • 1890 Wild Woodbine
  • 1890 Opoponax
  • 1890 Patchouly
  • 1890 Puritan Rose
  • 1890 Stephanotis
  • 1890 Violet
  • 1890 Young's Refreshing Cologne
  • 1890 Florida Water
  • 1890 Lavender Toilet Water
  • 1890 Violet Toilet Water
  • 1890 White Heliotrope Toilet Water
  • 1890 Melaura
  • 1890 Wistaria Bloom
  • 1890 Perfect Violet
  • 1890 White Heliotrope
  • 1890 Young's Triple Extract Lily of the Valley
  • 1892 American Tea Olive
  • 1892 Jockey Club
  • 1892 New Mown Hay
  • 1900 White Lilac
  • 1908 Clover Normandie
  • 1908 Lillita
  • 1908 Majestic
  • 1910 Perfect Musk
  • 1910 Shamrock Blossom
  • 1910 Sweet Memories
  • 1910 Yvonne

Ladd & Coffin (Lundborg's) Fragrances:

  • 1903 Alpine Violet 
  • 1903 Arcadian Pink 
  • 1903 Ayli 
  • 1903 Bijou 
  • 1903 California Water 
  • 1903 Centennial 
  • 1903 Clovera 
  • 1903 Corsage Bouquet 
  • 1903 Criterion 
  • 1903 Daisy Queen 
  • 1903 Edenia 
  • 1903 Exquisite 
  • 1903 Fairy Frond 
  • 1903 Fascination 
  • 1903 Florida Blossoms 
  • 1903 Forest Pansy 
  • 1903 Golden Jasmine 
  • 1903 Goya Lily 
  • 1903 Harvest Queen 
  • 1903 Heather of the Links 
  • 1903 Helio Violet 
  • 1903 International Cologne 
  • 1903 Little Trianon 
  • 1903 Marechal Niel Rose 
  • 1903 May Pink 
  • 1903 Nada Rose 
  • 1903 Odorator 
  • 1903 Opal 
  • 1903 Opera 
  • 1903 Peach Blossom 
  • 1903 Princess Ada 
  • 1903 Recherche 
  • 1903 Rhenish Cologne 
  • 1903 Rose of Arden 
  • 1903 Sweet Spray 
  • 1903 Swiss Lilac 
  • 1903 Swiss Rose 
  • 1903 Tally Ho 
  • 1903 Trefoil 
  • 1903 Velcrema 
  • 1903 Violet Dew 
  • 1903 Vio Violet 
  • 1903 White Musk 

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